Aiura, episode 4.

You know how people complain that there are slice-of-life anime where nothing happens? What they mean is that there are no major event, no story progress, no development, nothing is achieved. Well, what would you do, that is the genre.

Aiura Episode 4 Misuzu Wakatsuki

Why am I not talking about the 4th episode of Aiura?

But you know, in reality some small things happen in those anime. Like in Lucky Star, while you can say that nothing happened in an episode, there still were small things. Girls were eating, then talking, then both, then Konata played games, then she was late to come to the school next morning. Stuff happens.

Aiura Episode 4 Misuzu Wakatsuki

Still, why am I not talking about the episode??

But now Aiura proved that you can really make an episode where the amount of events is close to zero. All that happened in that episode was that Amaya woke Iwasawa and they run to the school and then there were three teacher talking about how one of them looks too young. The end. That was impressive. But cute, so, I am ok.

Aiura Episode 4 Misuzu Wakatsuki

Oh, because there is nothing to talk about \(^_^)/
Btw, that is Misuzu Wakatsuki and she is about 30. Have anything to say?..

So, if you like the art style, just watch the episode, it is only 4 minutes or so. See you next time (^_^)/

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5 thoughts on “Aiura, episode 4.

  1. I’ve never watched a slice of life anime. The way how the genre is set up, I doubt I’d be able to sit through an entire episode of “nothing” much less an entire series of say 12 or so episodes. But I think I’ll try this out, along with Lucky Star and Clannad.

    • Lucky Star and Clannad, that is a very good choice. Aiura, I don’t know, I like the genre, but even so, I watch that show just because of how it looks. If you end up liking Lucky Star, I would recommend you Azumanga, it is so much better than Aiura =)

      • *scribbles* I’ll check that one out either way :P I saw cut scenes from both Clannad and Lucky Star and liked them, K-On also. So I’ll get started on them once exams are over.

        • Have you seen The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? Lucky Star makes a lot of references to that show and some people say that K-On was inspired by The Melancholy.

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