Anime podcast of the week. May 5, 2013.

Last week I did not make any podcast of the week post. Sorry, was too busy. But now, as a compensation, I bring new a whole series of podcast, done by team. And that is their Newsroom series. The whole last week, while doing all sorts of stuff for my work, I was listening to episodes of Newsroom and I fond them all equally enjoyable. And what makes the series enjoyable is the hosts. Obviously the news they are talking about is old by now, but thanks to the fact that about 80% of the time they talk about something else and not the anime news, it is still interesting to listen to.

Newsroom, fightbait


Before you go into this podcast series I must warn you. There is explicit content in this series, Just saying.

So, here are the episodes that I choose for this week:

Hope you like this series. By the way, you can leave a voice mail to the host on Try it out, if you want.  See you next week (^_^)/

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