Gamaran, chapter 186

I caught up with Gamaran and now I am going to make short reviews of the new chapters. I know that not that many of you read this manga, but well, that ain’t gonna stop me ^_^

First of all, Gamaran is heading to the end. It is heading to the end even faster than Naruto. Unlike Naruto it is a manga about realistic martial art and there is not enough room for shonen-style tricks with pulling out new enemies. From the very start the goal of this manga was to let Gama beat his father, Kurogane Jinsuke. And by now their fight may start any minute.

By now we have one quite big conflict between Kai and Zenmaru Ichinose. So far Ranmaru was all for revenge and killing of his older brother, Aki. But resently he seems to have changed his mind. In this chapter he protected his older brother and now he is fighting against Kujou, who almost took Kai down.

Gamaran chapter 186

Kai vs Kujou

In the last chapter Gama defeated Ranmaru. Now he is heading towards where Jinsuke is. Ranmaru just told him that Jinsuke, the antagonist of the story, is very ill and is about to die soon.

Gamaran chapter 186 pic3

Next chapter I expect to see Zenmaru vs Kujou fight. It will probably take them 3 or four chapters to finish it. Well, no need to hurry. See you next time (^_^)/

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