Bleach, chapter 536

The last chapter of the flashback is out. Check it out and beware of mature content, I guess. Well, not really.

The chapter was about how Masaki and Isshin ended up together. It all was more or less obvious, but still, it was nice to read.

And why it was so nice? Because Masaki is really a good character. Let’s just look at panels with her ^_^

Bleach 536 Masaki

I love this smile ^^

Bleach 536 Masaki, Isshin, Urahara

Nice job trolling those two dudes, Masaki : D


What else cool was there? I like how inwardly calm Ryuuken was, but how out down he actually was. And I don’t think that he was broken, he was just hollow inside. He had enough strength to go one, he just had no reason to do it.

Bleach 536 Ryuuken

As I said, this chapter is the end of the flashback we were reading. And at the same time this chapter is giving the start to the next fhashback. From that new flashback we gonna learn a new story about Masaki’s death. I don’t want her to die, that is awful T_T

Bleach 536 Isshin

Can’t be helped T.T

Hope you like the chapter, see you next time (^_^)/

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