Naruto, chapter 629. Why Kakashi did it to Rin? We know now.

It was a little to long since the last time we had a new chapter. But I understand that Kishimoto needs to take a break now and then, and it was a golden week after all, so I am not really complaining.

This chapter started with the big jutsu that Ten tails used the last time. It was quite impressive. And I think it will look even better in anime. Just think about who it will look in color:

Naruto Chapter 629 Ten tails' jutsu, effects

Ten tails’ jutsu, effects

Naruto Chapter 629 Atomic bomb-no jutsu

Atomic bomb-no jutsu

And I believe we will have a new justu like that soon. If not, why then Juubi pit his arms in that position?

Naruto Chapter 629 Jubi new justu

Go for it, Juubi! ^_^

And now when you looked at that jutsu with its amazing magnitude, tell me, shouldn’t the shinobi caught in it be greatly harmed? Chakra cloaks protected them, right. I remember it was said in the anime that this Cloak is actually more damaging for the user and that Naruto can use it because of his abnormal regeneration power. But well, what Kishimoto wrote is the law in Naruto world, so we have to live with it, I guess.

Naruto Chapter 629 Naruto wearing net sleeve

Still, I am glad that Naruto drained himself of chakra. He is way overpowered, but now we can see some other characters do some work.

By the way, did you notice that Naruto have that net sleeve, that ninja like so much (apparently: half of them wear it anyway). Since when is he wearing it?

Also, from this chapter we learned why Kakashi killed Rin. He didn’t. It was a suicide. So Kakashi is not really a murderer. From what we learned, Mist ninja made Rin the Three tail jinchuriki. And she committed suicide to avoid possible destruction of the Leaf village. I don’t know, but it seems to me tha if she made Kakashi contact Minato, then he with the help of Hiruzen and Kushina, would have been able to stop the Three tails.

Naruto Chapter 629 Mist ninjas' plan

That plan looks mighty stupid to me. Why would you give up your own tailed beast in such a gamble?

Also Kakashi and Obito were going round and round the good and evil stuff. Or, rather, I wish they were. Actually, they were talking about who good it would be if Obito were to become like what he used to be. That is just so ridiculous. Do you really expect a grown-up man to become the child he used to be? That is plain stupid.

Naruto Chapter 629 hehehe

hehehe indeed

That was one funny moment in this chapter.When both Kakashi and Obito came into this parallel dimension Kakashi landed nicely and started to attack while Obito was kind of clumsy. Is this a sign that he is returning to his old ways?

Naruto Chapter 629 Obito vs Kakashi

The leader of the Akatsuki and the most skilled user of the Kamui is making a buffoon of himself

The best part of this chapter, in my opinion, is this:

Naruto Chapter 629 Obito with a hole in his heart

That man is awesome, after all. I mean, common, how many characters can use their mortal wound to help getting their point across?

That is about it for this chapter. Hope the next one will have some good fighting in it, or an interesting plot twist. Though we will probably just see Madaga-Hashirama reunion and a lot of talk. Because it is not like those shinobi who want to protect Naruto can really do that. Till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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10 thoughts on “Naruto, chapter 629. Why Kakashi did it to Rin? We know now.

  1. So you think a person can’t go back to being the child he used to be? I don’t mean to contradict you. I admit that the person would have gotten more experiences, gained more knowledge and become more mature. But if his ideals when he was a child are better than his current ideals, wouldn’t he want to go back if it is possible? Kakashi said it himself. Obito’s past seff would reject his present self. No matter how much I change in the future, I don’t want to become a person that my past self would completely refuse to acknowledge.That would be abandoning what I was. Also Obito’s reasoning is messed up. “If she dies, she is not Rin. She is just a fake.” Now if a person dies, would you refuse to acknowledge that person as real? That doesn’t make sense. Obito is calling Rin a fake because she died o.O That’s a betrayal of her memories.No matter what happens, Rin is Rin. Just like Madara is Madara and Obito is Obito. Oh well. By the way, I laughed when I read the ‘Hehehe indeed’ part XD

    • Yeah, I more or less think so. I don’t mean that you can’t once more believe in what you used to believe. But your reasons will be different. As a child Obio was just not that smart. And what exactly were his ideas? Nothing that was able to withstand the shock of Rin’s death. So I just can’t see what Kakashi wants from Obito now.

      I don’t think that it is a bad thing if your past self would have rejected you as you are now =) Why, we are not born with knowledge of the world and as children we get tons of weird stuff in our heads. I know people who would have disapproved of their future selves. More over, I would say that most of the people at the age of 14-18 would not be happy to learn about their future =)
      ‘You are going to work in a factory till you are 60, then you will retire”
      “WHAAAT?! But a wanted to be a president? Or a big businessman? Or an astronaut?”
      “Too bad :P”

      And don’t you think that completely going back is the same as denying your current self? =)

      • Hmm…I am not talking about my profession or about any other choices I make in my life. I am talking about me as a person. I don’t think my past self would refuse to acknowledge my current self as a person and I don’t want to do anything in the future that would make my current self refuse to accept my future self. If someone had told Obito when he was a kid “You are going to start the fourth great ninja war, try to take over the world and destroy the current world to create a world of illusions”, I think he would have said “I would rather die.” That’s how much his past self would reject him.

        Obito can’t really go back. I don’t think Kakashi is thinking about it but the matter isn’t in their hands anymore. Obito started the war and got all the shinobi involved. They lost over 40000 people and several were injured. Do you think they will welcome Obito even if he decides to go back. How will that happen?

        Kakashi: “Hey everyone! This is my friend Obito. He is responsible for the deaths of all our comrades but he has become a good guy now. Please welcome him”

        Shinobi: “Is that so. Never mind what has happened. It’s past now. Welcome back Obito”

        Jeez, I don’t see THAT happening. Not in real life anyway but Kishi just might make everyone do something like that.

        • Yeah, I know, I just made an easy example. But you see, what you do, make you what you are. At some dergee anyway. What do you think 10 years old Giordano Bruno would have done if you told him that he is going to be burnt alive for heresy? Do you think he would have been proud? No, he would not. Every child in XVI century knew that heresy is bad.

          That is just how I see this, but I don’t need a kid to judge me. Even if that kid is my past self. I have my own head, and if it is not good enough I would seek an advise of someone who is smarter than me. And I think I will be able to tell if I do something wrong without help of a kid I once have been =)

          Yes, there is no way people would accept Obito. I am sure he will die. Just like Nagato died. That is an easy way out in this manga, if someone dies as a good guy, no one going to remember his past sins.

          • Oh well. I know how my way of thinking has changed over the years. So I can guess how my past self would think. If someone showed me to my past self and told her “You are going to grow up to be her”, she would probably say “I see.” I don’t want to become the kind of person that makes her say “I am going to become a rotten person like her? Please just kill me now” o.O That’s all.

    • And about fake Rin, yeah, Obito is crazy. I don’t even think about all that rubbish he is saying, that all is just for the plot convinience :/ I can’t imagine someone smart enough to pull strings behind the scene of the ninja world being so stupid. Obviously he can’t make Rin alive by creating a world of illusions. He is the one who is trying to create a fake Rin. I don’t know, I feel like Kishimoto should have given Obito better motives.

  2. kakashi killed rin because she was the 3 tailed beast jinchurki(don’t know if I spelled that right) he did not actually kill her she intercepted his chidori(lightning blade) while he was using it to defend both of them and then tobi(obito) came just to see the event happening

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