Aiura, episode 5.

In this episode of Aiura we saw Amaya lying face on the ground. I guess that was her idea of a joke, though I am not sure if it worked out well.

Aiura, episode 5 pic1

And I have no idea how clean Japanese pavements are, but I would not put my face on it if I can help it :/

Iwasawa stepped over and walk on to the school. The rest of the episode they were discussing what would Iwasawa do if she saw Uehara lying on the ground and some other stuff. Frankly, there is nothing worth mentioning, besides nice animation. So let’s just look at one more screenshot from the episode ^_^

Aiura, episode 5 pic2

If next time there will be as much interesting things going on as it was this time, I might just post pictures and be done with it. I mean, each episode look too good for me to just ignore it, but there is nothing to write about. Till the next time (^_^)/

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