InuYasha, Episode 1

That anime impressed me. Really impressed me. You know how they say tat an anime might have a nostalgic value? This anime kind of does, to me. It reminds me of Slayers, which is my favourite series. But let’s make one step at a time.

I knew beforehand that Inuyasha is an anime with magic in it. So I was really surprised when I saw this:

InuYasha Episode 1 Tokyo

Magic and a modern city?.. Well, ok, I guess.

If you watched Inuyasha, you know that the action moved to the medieval Japan soon after. Usually I am not a big fan of stories where the hero happens to travel through time, or something like that. But it was ok this time. I must say that I like the art style a lot. It is out of date and there are lots of static scenes where should be movements. But still, I like the way they draw this anime. And I like the soundtrack. I wish there were more anime that would use orchestra the way this anime used it.

InuYasha Episode 1 Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi

That scene alone would have made me want to watch more of this anime

InuYasha Episode 1 Inuyasha

That just looks epic

As I said, this anime reminds me of Slayers. The whole second season of that anime was about interaction between humans and demons. Also, both anime have similar art style and even the voice over work is done in a similar way. By the way, I am watching it in English dub and the actress for Kagome Higurashi does a great job.

Well, as you can see I am very excited about this anime. The only bad thing there is that I will have to stop at the 3rd, or maximum 5th episode. So are the rules I made here, and there is a good reason for that. So, till next time (^_^)/

Here is what all this thing is about: “Take a peek”. New series here.

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