Riding Bean

I just watched this crazy anime. It is only a little younger than me and the age shows. But still, I enjoyed it quite a bit, so let’s go into it. Oh, and before we go, I must warn you that this anime contents nudity and violence, so if you are young and sensitive, you may (or may not o.O) want to stay away from this OVA.

Riding Bean OVA Bean

The main character, Bean

First of all, I want to say that it seems that there used to be a rule that each anime has to contain at least one scene with a sexually harassment of a woman. All the anime from before 1990 that I watched have one, and mind you, I don’t try to pick spicy ones. In this anime the scene with naked hostage in the beginning was really out of place.

Now, let me give you some actual information about the series. It is an OVA, it is 46 minutes long and it is based on the manga with the same title. There is one spin-off for the series (named Gunsmith Cats), which I haven’t seen yet.

The make lead character of this anime kind of reminds be of Jack from Violence Jack OVAs. He too is, apparently immortal and ridiculously strong. Well, he is able to lift a car, bullets can’t penetrate his skin and he survived a grenade blast. But unlike Jack, Bean has emotions and he speaks quite a lot.

There are other characters as well:

Riding Bean OVA Semmerling

The blond girl is the female lead, a friend of Bean. The young girl is a kidnapped girl, the center of the plot.

The animation is more or less typical for the time (in a broad sense) and if you have seen a lot of old stuff, you won’t be surprised by the art style. There are quite a few animation mistakes here and there, but that is not a big deal.

Te English dub for Riding Bean is not going to win any award. Most of the characters sounds nice, though I would say that the director did not do as good job as he should have done. The volumes of the sound change sometime making strange effects and the actors convey emotions in a slightly weird manner. But all that did not bother me too much. The only really bad point of the dub is the acting for the main villainess. The role was written awfully and the voice actress did succeed in making the act believable.

Riding Bean OVA Percy

The yellow haired dude is Percy, the detective who tries to catch Bean. You may guess this success rate.

All in all, this anime is worth watching if you are interesting the old anime. It won’t bore you as it is really action packed. Though not many people watch this sort of anime now. On MAL there are only 2,600 people who watched Riding Bean. Aiura, a 5 minutes per episode anime that is started airing this season has already 8,500 people watched it and Attack on Titan has 60,900 people. Think about it. Attack on Titan is not even two month old and Riding Bean has been around for 24 years. Sure, most of the people how watched Riding Bean just don’t have MAL accounts. But still.

And this is it for Riding Bean. See you next time (^_^)/

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