InuYasha, up to episode 3

For some reason I thought that Inuyasha would be an old demon. Sure, he looks young, but I expected him to be old and wise. Well, his personality suits his appearance.

InuYasha Episode 3

When I finished the first episode I thought that Inuyasha is an overwhelmingly strong fighter. He probably is, but still, right now, in the third episode, he is having problems fighting a low rank enemy (I just assume that the girl that uses hair to make a puppet show is not an important enemy).

InuYasha Episode 3

That is the girl I am talking about

Also, I have to put it there, all the characters that use strings to manipulate objects are cheaters. What they do is absolutely physically impossible and yet it is not a magic.For example, this girl was hanging a dozen villagers in midair. Let’s say that she lifted 6 at a time and each weighted 50 kilos. Then she must weight 300 kilos, just to be lifted up by her own strings. The whole thing is ridiculous, there are so many holes in the idea of that weapon. Well, whatever, moving on, all the rest of what I seen was much better.

In the third episode we learned that Kagome can go back in her time. That makes the series a little more complicated. At any rate, this is not really a time travel, it is more of a parallel world stuff. At least so far it looks like that.

It was obvious from the start that Kagome and Inuyasha are going to develop some sort of relations. I am not saying that this is going to turn into a romance anime. I just kind of see where it is going.

InuYasha Episode 3 pic3

InuYasha Episode 3 Kagome in a spring

I think that the point of this mini arc with Inuyasha fighting the hair user girl is to make Kagome decide to return to the Inuyasha world and help him find the pieces of the jewel (by the way, if you did not watch the anime and read this, I am sorry, I don’t even try to explain the plot here, I assume that all you who read this have watched the anime and just find it amusing to read my wrong guesses and astonished reactions).

I hope that the quest to gather pieces of the jewel is not going to be a primary plotline for long. It is good enough for, let’s say ten episode, but after that there should be something more exciting than that.

So far I like this anime a lot. I will watch two more episodes and then I will have hard time stop watching it. 160 episodes, that is just too much for me right now. But I will watch full, one day. Till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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