“Take a peek” update. InuYasha done, next Mobile Suit Gundam.

I have watched the 4th episode of Inuyasha and I believe that this is a good point to stop. It has a plot pause and I am afraid that the next episode will start a new arc, or something of the sort.

So far, I think that Inuyasha is really worth watching (too bad I don’t have the time now). The characters are good, the animation is of that 90s style that is so dear to me, and even that Canadian dub, that all makes it better.

InuYasha Episode 4 Kagome and Inuyasha

Here is an update for my “Take a peek” list:

  • InuYasha (done)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam
  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes
  • D.Gray-man
  • One Piece
  • Prince of Tennis
  • Dragon Ball
  • Pokemon
  • Sailor Moon
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Gintama

Next up is Mobile Suit Gundam. That is such a big anime, in more ways than one. Hope it will be enjoyable.  Also, I put Gintama to the end of the list because there is no dub for it yet. And I added D.Gray-man, as Gaara suggested =)  See you next time, with the Gundam (^_^)/

My other posts on InuYasha: InuYasha, Episode 1InuYasha, up to episode 3.

Here is what all this thing is about: “Take a peek”. New series here.

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