Bleach, chapter 537. Isshin is really Ichigo’s father.

I did not think it would end up so quickly. I thought that Kubo was going to give su something complicated, I thought that Masaki’s death would be really significant, I thought that we would see some action from the past. No. Just the explanation and very-very large panels.

So, we learned that basically it was Yhwach (or Juha Bach, whatever is the right way to call him) who killed Masaki. He took away her power and she was killed by a hollow. Another reason for Ichigo to hate his grand-grand dad, but not a really interesting plot twist.

Bleach chapter 537 Ausscheren

Ausscheren, I believe that is what he used to take away Masaki’s power

Also we learned why Yhwach called Ichigo “my son”. It was just a fancy of the geezer, nothing more. Ichigo is not his son.  Yeah, big spoiler in the title. Ichigo is really Isshin’s son. Masaki had nothing to do with that old creep.

Bleach chapter 537 Masaki blunt vene

Speaking of Masaki, I want to see more fashbacks T.T We haven’t really seen her fighting full power too.

Another big piece of news is that Yhwach not only killed Masaki, but also killed Uryuu’s mother. Which means that we aren’t going to see Uryuu vs Ichigo which was so anticipated by the fans. Instead we will have usual “team Good Guys against the evil dudes” stuff.

Bleach chapter 537 Ichigo and Isshin

Did I mention that Kubo made pretty large panels for this chapter?

Bleach chapter 537 Uryuu

Like really large. And when was that guy decorated with that eagle order?..

Also, I have a big question. Now Ichigo knows that he is a quincy (also a soul reaper, wisored, fullbringer, human and a soccer player), what is he going to do about his sword? I mean, c’mon, don’t tell me he is going to start using a bow?.. Hopefully, we know in the next chapter (^_^)/

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8 thoughts on “Bleach, chapter 537. Isshin is really Ichigo’s father.

  1. hi u mistake here if u right rumor said Masaki meet yhwach before but as Sternritter M mayble she who have blut vene is sign use only use by sternritter before yhwach fall which mean masaki may be more than like teenage age and possible that masaki taken to uru family house for cover after great war

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