Naruto, chapter 630.

That was not the best chapter I have seen. But not the worst either. So, let’s see what is good and bad about it.

Let’s start with good points. First, we have yet another form of Juubi. That is nice. Not that it makes any sense, but still, for variety’s sake it is ok.

Naruto chapter 630 Juubi throw up itself

Orochimaru style.

Naruto chapter 630 Juubi

“Who’s that pokemon?”

That walking plant thing is actually funny. From what I remember that plant (ys, there is a plant like this in the real life, but it has no legs) has really bad smell. It is a parasite too. And it has the biggest blossom ever. Makes sense that Kishimoto used it to represent Juubi. Or does it? Next form will be a whale or a sequoia. (-_-)

Also there was that really cool moment at the end of the chapter:

Naruto chapter 630 Minato

Now that Minato is here I don’t really see Madara winning

When I think about who has the best techniques in Naruto, not in terms of power, but like, whose techniques I would have prefered to have, I always think about Minato. There are other guys, Madara, Tobi, Itachi, Naruto, Hashirama, and all of them are overwhelmingly strong. And Minato has close to nothing in terms of attacks. But his speed not only makes him invincible in a single-handed battle, but also gives him ability to save his allies from almost anything and in all circumstances, which is something that I would have liked to have, if I were to live in a world like this.

Now, to the bad things. And that is dialogs. First, we have Kakashi going on about “good Obito” from the past, and bad one from the present. Ok, I said what I think about it in the last post. Though I must say that I have no idea how long Kishimoto is planning to drag on this conversation.

Naruto chapter 630 Kakasi, Rin, Obito

Oh, and that was funny. What did Obito ecxepted Kakashi to do. Say “Hi kids, hehe ^_^’ ” That is so obvious fake, like they didn’t age and want saying irrelevant things. That is like making a doll that resembles a person.

Well, I got used to that kind of dialog. No biggy. But here is what forced me to make this kind of face >.<

Naruto chapter 630 Sakura

Just what is that? Does it make sense to retell obvious things one more time when you are about to be obliterated? I mean, how is that relevant to the situation at hand anyway?….

If you think that Sakura inspired people to do something, I have no idea how it happened. Oh, and just for the record. It was not Sakura, Shikamaru, or any other shinobi from the army that saved them. All their efforts were useless. They would have died if it wasn’t for Minato. Just want to point out how much their victory depends on pure chance. And by the way, remember who resurrected Minato? Right, half of the world’s shinobi were saved, thanks to Orochimaru.

Naruto chapter 630 Ten tails's attack

Though, I guess, some might not have survived that collision

From the fact that Minato is here I would make a guess that Hashirama is around too. So next chapter we might see the epic battle, round two. I wonder about how much more Madara will be able to hold it. There are too many overpowered good guys there already. We will see. Till next time, see you (^_^)/

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3 thoughts on “Naruto, chapter 630.

  1. Honestly, Naruto is so awesome that just talking about him inspires everyone? Don’t get me wrong. I like his character but Kishi makes him some kind of god with all his powers. The same goes with Ichigo. Plus I don’t even understand what Sakura tried to say and HOW it had inspired everyone else! If I were there, I would have asked “Aaaaand your point is?” o.O

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