Aiura, episode 6.

This episode started with something new:

AIURA episode 6 Kanaka

Oh, maybe not

This was holiday “spending time at someone’s place instead of studying” episode. Just how many episodes like I have seen already. There was one in Lucky Star, Azumanga, K-On. And now Aiura too.

AIURA episode 6

The weird part is that they are hanging out in Amaya brother’s room

Well, we get no plot or anything this time (as usual), so let’s just look at a couple of pretty screenshots and be done with it ^_^This anime is all about the good animation anyway.

AIURA episode 6 Amaya

Amaya’s happy-excited dance

AIURA episode 6

Random cute shot

Hope you like the pictures ^_^’ See you next time (^_^)/

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