Gamaran, chapter 187. Jinsuke got wounded O.o

The new chapter is out, check it out. So, supposedly invincible Jinsuke just got wounded.

gamaran chapter 187 pic1

Wow. I am surprised. You remember that in this manga we have some shreds of realism, so that is a big deal. That means that he is not going to be in his best shape when he faces Gama, if he even will, that is. That makes me wonder if the author wants to wrap up the series, or if he wants to make a new arc with new villains.

Though Jinsuke is far from being dead yet.

gamaran chapter 187 pic2

The art style here is really nice

In the next chapter I hope to see more of Jinsuke vs Iori, though we will probably have Ichinose fight instead. And Gama is going to run into one of the remaining high-level enemies soon, since he can’t just stand around dying Ranmaru forever, and he can’t go to Jinsuke yet, because Nakamaru Yousuke don’t like drawing two on one fights. I may be wrong though, we will have to wait and see. Till the next time (^_^)/

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