Naruto Chapter 631. Team 7, again?..

I just lost it. I have no idea where Kishimoto is going. Wait, give me a minute, I will think about it.

Yep, still no idea. Let’s continue then.

naruto chapter 631 pic3

No one cares, dude

First of all, I know this whole post should be about WOW SASUKE IS BACK, but I want to mention some other stuff before that. Let’s start with the simple ones.

naruto chapter 631 Madara

You are ignoring me too?… T.T

This chapter brought us another overpowered jutsu. Here is it:

naruto chapter 631 pic7


From what I understand, is a ninjutsu that creates a very strong barrier. Strong enough to hold Juubi for a while. It can be used on by four hokage class casters (which means that it could not have been tested ever before).

Also Hashirama used Senpou Myoujinmon, which is yet another technique for bounding tailed beasts, it seems.

naruto chapter 631 pic8

Senpou Myoujinmon

The second thing (or, rather, person) I want to talk about, is Minato. Kishimoto is so lucky to have him around. Just by being there Minato makes the chapter better. Not to mention that he is capable of things that the entire shinobi army can’t dream of achieving.

naruto chapter 631 Minato, Naruto and Sakura

Also Minato is good at asking embarrassing questions

As I said, Minato is an extremely good fighter. Not overly powerful, but skilled and, most of all, fast. Wait, sorry, I mean, he used not to be overly powerful. Now he is just as ridiculously overpowered as Naruto.

naruto chapter 631 pic6

I didn’t think the half of Kuubi that he sealed inside himself would remain in him. More than that, I would have never guessed that he would be able to control its power.

Before Naruto, Bee and the shinobi mob were on equal ground  with Madara and his buddies. Now Minato alone is going to double the power of the alliance. He has limitless chackra, he can use tailed beast bomb, he can teleport Juubi’s attacks away from people. He was close to be invincible before, now he is. And there is no way to kill him now, and Madara does not have a way to seal him. So, what I want to say is, even with Minato alone this fight is as good as over.

naruto chapter 631 pic4

Oh, I am sorry for NaruHina fans. And congrats to NaruSaku fans out there =)

I guess everyone has noticed how Kishimoto is trolling fans of different Naruto pairings. Remember how Hinata said that she loves Naruto and shortly after Naruto lost it because of her supposed death? How many of you thought that NaruHina is official from that point on? And then Sakura came in to kiss Naruto, and all came back to how it was. Same here, in this war. Naruto was cheered up by Hinata and all the Hinata fans were really happy. And now it is NaruSaku’s turn again.

Now that this is out of the way, we can get down to business. Team 7 is back. Sasuke is going to become hokage. That is so out of place, I just don’t know where to start.

naruto chapter 631 Team 7, Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura

Btw, I am sorry to say that, but Sakura should really have stayed back. I don’t mean that she is a bad fighter, it is just that Sasuke and Naruto are not humans anymore. It is just like a swimmer should not try to support two aircraft carriers.

Well, what I have to say about it is that Sasuke is a pretty good fighter himself, and now he is going to attack Madara too. Which, first, makes Obito being very stupid, because he is the one who helped Sasuke achieve his power. Second, it makes Sasuke look kind of stupid, because he was so negative the last time he met Naruto and now he came back to play support.

Now, about “I’m going to be hokage” stuff. Common, what is that? Sasuke have never wanted that. He had never wanted to help people. And now, when he knows that the village disposed of his clan, he is going to help them killing off his last clansman and lead them after. All that I can see there is some intricate trap that he is planning. But since it is a shonen manga, I am afraid that I am over-analyzing it.

naruto chapter 631 pic12

Is this for real?.. Wait, no, Sasuke, don’t! We need a villain, not yet another comrade!

Oh, and just for the lolz, here, that is awesome:

Yeah… See you next time  (^_^)/

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7 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 631. Team 7, again?..

  1. Sasuke is going to become a hokage? *facepalm* I guess it’s about time I stopped reading the manga. I know that Kishi has a habit of making the characters do some unrealistic things but this is BEYOND unrealistic. Why would Sasuke want to protect the village now? That said, I guess Sasuke has a better chance of becoming hokage than Naruto if we ignore all the things he had done in the past. He is smarter and more skillful than Naruto. Still I don’t want Sasuke to become a good guy. Not yet >:(

    • I don’t think he will become the hokage. That is too much even for Kishi : D I hope that Sasuke is not serious about it. His attitude is so far from that of someone who wants to be a leader. “I don’t care what you think”, that is what he said, and it doesn’t really sound like a hokage candidate =)

  2. I stopped believing in Kishimoto since hevkilled Neji. Plus wtf now Sasuke is all about peace after being the reason of Neji’s death!!!

  3. You need the consciousness of a Tailed Beast in you and have it cooperate with you in order to do the Tailed Beast Bomb

    • Well, actually I think you just need the tailed beast chakra mixed in the right proportion with yours and you have to know how to change the chackra form rasengan style.That’s what Bee said when he was teaching Naruto, right?

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