Bleach, chapter 538. Power-ups.

Bleach is so straight-forward manga. Remember how this arc was going so far? Big battle, good guys lose, Ichigo going to get a power-up, fails, flashback, and he gets it. It is like a shonen textbook.

Now, besides showing us, that all is going accordingly, this chapter haven’t got much to offer. Maybe a comic relief?

Bleach chapter 538 Ichigo and a weird sword

Bleach chapter 538 Ichigo

Well, if that was the best moment of the chapter, then it is kind of sad…

Oh, no, if wasn’t. Actually, there were some pretty good moments in this chapter. It is just that there was nothing interesting plot-wise. But here, look at it, I’m sure all the thousands of Toshiro fans were pretty excited to see it:

Bleach chapter 538 Toshiro

It was really interesting to see Toshiro accepting the loss of his bankai and his weak state.

I must say that Toshiro seemed to be a pretty good swordsman to begin with. He was able to survive a duel with Gin and Gin was a pure swordsman, even his shikai and bankai were swords. So, I kind of wonder who is good enough to train Toshiro and why he is talking like he need to start learning swordplay from the basics.

Bleach chapter 538 Hisagi

Oh, yes, can’t go without mentioning that too. Another bankai from a weak lieutenant. Great, let’s devaluate bankai even further :/

Knowing Bleach we will see Shuuhei’s bankai shortly after the next battle starts. And it is not like it will help the story to progress. I bet Kubo needed to bust up the ratings (I mean sales) of the manga, so he through that new bankai in.

Bleach chapter 538 Dog-senseia and Komamura


That is just weird. What is it, Komamura’s father? What a big talking dog is doing in the Soul Society to start with? And what does Komamura want from this big fellow? Does he want to learn some new fighting techniques? It would be awesome if the next time quincy attack the Soul Society Komamura will try to bite them.

Now, about Ichigo again.

Bleach chapter 538 Ichigo makes the swords kneel

That will probably look good in the anime.

Apparently Ichigo passed the test that this weird dude with glasses set for him. That means that his zanpakuto will be fixed. Now, what I wonder is whether or not this new zanpakuto will be a new version of Zangetsu. If it will, then I would like to know who is this guy:

Bleach chapter 538 Ichigo and his new zanpakuto

That is a hollowfied zanpakuto, a very fitting thing for Ichigo. Still, what about the old man Zangetsu? Don’t tell me it is him!

I guess in the next chapter we will see more of Ichigo and his new sword. Hope we will also see something about Uryu too. Till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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