Gamaran, chapter 188. One eye less till the end.

New chapter is out. And nothing much happened in it. Iori got another wound from Jinsuke’s blade but he wasn’t concerned too much. And Kujou Mario just lost an eye to Zenmaru.

gamaran chapter 188 Kujou Mario

I wonder what is the number of eyes that were sliced in this manga? I guess it is about 30 or 50.

Also Gama was acting weird. Since he learned that his dad is going to die soon Gama appeared to be thinking about him differently. There is a chance that he won’t fight him and even forgive him. Just look at it and see for yourself:

gamaran chapter 188 Gama

Does it look like he still wants to kill Jinsuke?

Hopefully in the next chapter we will see either a new fight with Gama in it, or an end of one of the two fights that are going on right now. Till then, see you (^_^)/

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