JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 2000, that truly is a bizarre anime

I just finished watching Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series from 2000. It is 7 episodes long. And if you watched this anime, you are probably going to laugh, after you read this.

The deal was that I got into it without any knowledge of what I am going to see and without knowledge of other JoJo franchise (Obviously I knew that it is a manga based series, but that was it). I started watching it, and it was ok, but kind of slow. I don’t mean that the pacing wasn’t good, I was just wondering who the show is going to end. When I went through the first 5 episodes I started to think that the end is going to be sudden, as they don’t have much time. After I went through the 6th episode I was really worried. They made no progress and there was only one episode left.

Then I finished the 7th episode. The show ended. And it ended in the middle of the nowhere. Good guys were heading towards the bad guy. And that was it. I was surprised and I decoded to look for the next season or something that would give me the rest of the story. Didn’t find one. And I kept bumping into stuff like “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 2000, episode 8”.  I knew that both the old Jojo series from 1993 and the new from 2000 have not got so many episodes. And the latest season is a prequel, and the animation there is different.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure episode 4 Jean-Pierre Polnareff

Jean-Pierre Polnareff, the main character of the series. I too thought that the anime was about Jojo, but well, I was wrong

So, I was really confused and I asked people on a forum. And I got an answer. Apparently, the 1993 series is the sequel to the Jojo 2000. That is weird. That means that if you want to watch it in the chronological order (plot-wise), you will get better animation at the start and worse animation at the end.

Also, I want to mention one little thing. Here:

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure episode 6 hotel book

Look at the picture. I put a red line under a couple of words that are written in Cyrillic letters. That sounds like “Vam Ienna” and I bet that there are no such words in any language that uses Cyrillic abc.

Also, look at the word that I marked with a green line. It is “chAat”. Just why would they capitalise the first ‘a’ letter? Well, there is stuff in this anime that is much more weird than that, but I love languages and so I had to put is out.

I guess I will watch Jojo 1993 series. I’ll probably write about it too. See you then (^_^)/

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2 thoughts on “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 2000, that truly is a bizarre anime

  1. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure also received a proper anime adaption last year(The one you’re watching right now is just an OVA adaption of JJBA’s most well-known part, Part 3: Stardust Crusaders)(Yes, the JoJo manga is divided into 8 parts). The 2012 anime adaption covers Part 1 and Part 2, which is pretty different from Part 3, and I very much recommend you give the 2012 anime a try as well.

    • Oh, so the 2012 series is manga based too. Wow, there are 8 parts, that must mean that there are 5 parts of the manga that have not been animated yet?

      I’ll watch JJBA 2012, I will just have to wait till I have time. I can’t go away without learning what is this ripple thing all about =)

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