Naruto Chapter 632. I am going to be hokage!

You now what? I am going to be hokage! Yeah, why not. At least I have the same chances as Kiba (i.e. none). Seriously, what is wrong with people, that is just silly. Imagine real soldiers would shout “I am going to be a general” before charging. It looks the same. But well, let’s talk about things in order.

naruto chapter 632 Shikamaru

Yeah, what a drag

The biggest thing of the last chapter was that Sasuke joined the allied forces. Leaf shinobi, except Naruto and Sakura, did not accept him. It this chapter they kind of calmed down. Witch might lead into the situation where they will actually forgive Sasuke. His biggest crime against the Leaf was the murder of Danzo. Besides that he is guilty of attacking the kage summit and fighting Leaf shinobi a couple of times with no casualties caused. So, granted Danzo was “a bad guy” and he was responsible for the elimination of the Uchiha, so Sasuke might end up being forgiven. Think of it, Gaara killed lots of people in his village for close to no reason and he is the kazekage now. So I don’t see why Sasuke can’t be accepted back.

One side effect of Sasuke being back is all the SasuSaku fanservice.

naruto chapter 632 pic13

I am worried too, guys.Btw, this man at the left need to take a break, he looks like he was living on caffeine for a month

I wonder if Sakura is going to be obsessed with Sasuke like she used to be. Naruto fans (I mean Naruto as a character) are going to be enraged if she is, I bet. And also, Naruto used to be just another kid that is happened to be in the same team as Sakura, so it was alright back then in my opinion. But now they were together for more than three years and Sakura can’t just ignore him like she used to. So, I wonder what kind of relations those three would build.

naruto chapter 632 Naruto Sasuke and Sakura

That is not going too well…

On the good side of things, now that Sasuke is back, we finally have a chance to see what he can do. I don’t think that he showed his best when he was fighting against Kabuto.

naruto chapter 632 Naruto and Sasuke

Here is one new (or so I think) technique from Sasuke, Katon Kagutsuchi.

Inspired by Sasuke being there Sakura decided to show her new power. I have no idea why she needed to wait so long to do that. And don’t tell me that she was saving Chakra all this time. She was using chakra all this time, performing medical ninjutsu. So, no logic here. But well, let’s look at what Sakura can do:

naruto chapter 632 Sakura punches things

naruto chapter 632 Sakura punches things

naruto chapter 632 Sakura's super punch

Basically what she does is this. She punches things. Hard. Just as she did at the start of the Shippuden, but even harder. Not a great twist there, but still, now she is more powerful, so it is nice. Sakura said something like “now I’ve caught up with those two”, but I have no idea why. Obviously this super punch can’t compete with what Naruto and Sasuke can do. But anyway, I don’t care, it is ok if Sakura feels better thinking this way.

Talking about Sakura, I wonder why Kishimoto made her into this fist fighting shinobi. With her precise chakra control she could have become a genius genjutsu user. Or she could have used intricate ninjutsu. She is a normal girl (by that I mean that she is not made of muscles) and also a medical ninja, close combat and taijutsu are the last things she should use.

naruto chapter 632 Naruto making faces

I bet Kishimoto made her use fist fighting style just for the lols

Now, what else there was interesting in this chapter? This scene, for example.

naruto chapter 632 Madara


What he saying is that he will let Hashirama take out Juubi and then he will fight him.Does it make sense? No, if Madara is really planning to win this fight. Not to mention that Hashirama has immortal body, so the fight with him is a pointless waste of time.

Also, I want to mention that this was actually pretty lame:

naruto chapter 632 Juubi procreates

It is so obvious that Kishimoto run out of enemies to throw in and that he has to invent stuff to fill the chapter

And I can’t resist putting this murderous face here:

naruto chapter 632 third hokage

he actually likes fighting a lot. Lot more than doing peaceful things, like talking.

And this is it, for this chapter. The next one most likely will show us how tough Juubi really is and whether or not they will be able to take it down just like that. Or, maybe, we will get to see what has happened to the five kages, who were beaten by Madara?.. See you next time (^_^)/

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2 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 632. I am going to be hokage!

  1. It is basically the same thing that Tsunade did with her seal she put a fraction of chakra in a single spot for future use

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