Bleach, chapter 539. Will we ever see Zangetsu again?..

In this chapter Kubo expanded the theme of captains training that started in the last one. There wasn’t much stuff happening in this chapter, actually.

Bleach chapter 539 Soi Fon

Soi Fon training

We learned that Mirotsuchi is working on something in his lab (which, I would imagine is the normal state of affairs). And we saw that Soi Fon does some stupid training on the top of a cliff. Can someone tell me why you can’t practice standing on one arm in your backyard? And how is this supposed to help her improve her fighting skills?

Bleach chapter 539 Omaeda's weird family. Omaeda Marejirousanrou and Mareyou

Omaeda’s weird family

Apparently Omaeda’s brother is even less likable than Omaeda himself. That is fascinating.

What else was there? Komamura is going to fight the big doggy that he found in a cave.

Bleach chapter 539 Komamura and his grandfather

I wonder if we get any back story of their clan.

Also I wonder how Kubo is going to draw that fight.

Well, seems me got through everything. Except for one little detail. Here:

Bleach chapter 539 Zangetsu's end


Do you believe this? I don’t know, I kind of do. Zangetsu is probably going to be reborn or something like that. Meaning that I don’t think that he will lose his memory, but I do believe that we won’t ever see the old long-haired-man-with-beard-and-glasses incarnation of Ishigo’s zanpakuto again. At least it will be interesting to see what will happen. See you next time (^_^)/

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2 thoughts on “Bleach, chapter 539. Will we ever see Zangetsu again?..

    • Maybe. I think it will be a combination of Zangetsu and the hollow, and I guess Kubo will draw it differently from how he draw Tensa. He just like drawing new characters and here he has an opportunity.

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