Fullmetal Alchemist, episode 13. What an awesome episode.

I’ve watched 13th episode of FMA and I like this episode very much. It might be that it was long time since I watched FMA, but  all of it looked so well done, the humour, the art, the voice work. But well, I would not be writing a post if it was all. I have a felling that from this point we will see some real plot. Not the random events and mini arcs that last for one or two episodes, but real plot with some depth to it. I guess all that they showed before was there to prepare us for something big and interesting. I might be wrong though.

FMA épisode 13 - Flame vs Fullmetal Edward

Like this animation style so much ^_^

FMA épisode 13 - Flame vs Fullmetal Edward and Maes

By the way, did I get it right and Eric is three years older here than he was when he passed the exams? He does look just a little older.

What I also liked about this episode was that Mustang, who was always acting cool, but in this episode he decided to fool around and it was hilarious.

FMA épisode 13 - Flame vs Fullmetal Roy Mustang

It makes him more human, somewhat

And also, he was kind of omniscient up till now and now he is being put into the position where he hasn’t got all the information about what is going on. And that makes it interesting, that makes him a real character in the story, not just some overpowered figure on the background.

By the way, I watched this episode both in English and French and I must say, French dub is so different from English one. Sure, my French is awfully bad, but for now I would say that Vic Mignogna did better job voicing Edward than his French colleague. But I am not saying that French dub is bad, I am just talking about my personal preferences.

Anyway, I’m going to watch one more episode right now. See you later (^_^)/

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