Anime podcast of the week. June 5, 2013.

Oh, I almost forgot about this week podcast of the week post. I had the podcasts prepared and yesterday I was thinking that it is too bad that I will have to wait a week to post them. Well, tells you about my focus.

This week I found new podcast that is really worth checking out. I am talking about Destroy All Podcasts. That is not anime only podcast, they talk a lot about movies, comics and books and what not, but I will feature their anime episodes here.

So let me tell you about this podcast. First, it has a lot of hosts. I have a feeling that I haven’t seen all of them yet. The two hosts that I have seen a lot are Jeremy and Mike. Both of them seems to be old anime fans and, as many of the old fans, they are interested in mecha shows and have a lot to say about the genre. That is the thing about good anime podcasts. Usually the best ones are hosted by people who has been watching anime since 90s or even before that. And it happens that they are interested in anime from this time more than modern anime fans. Just because new fans haven’t watched all those shows from 80s and 90s. And that is why the topics and shows that people discuss on anime forums (where usually there are a lot of young fans) and anime podcasts are often so different.

Coming back to the podcast, let me briefly mention good and bad points. The good points are that the hosts know what they are talking about, they are not hating on shows they don’t like, stay focused on one topic. Oh, and Mike’s voice is really similar to the voice of Near (Death Note character) in English dub, which makes it funny when he starts talking about toys and stuff like that =)

Destroy all podcasts

For this week I bring you two episodes of the show. First episode is “Twelve Questions about Mecha Anime”. Here is the link: Destroy All Podcasts DX Episode 261 – Twelve Questions about Mecha Anime. In this episode they answer 12 question about mecha. At the very beginning they discuss why the turn mecha is not really a good term, is interesting, listen to it.

mazinkaiser skl

The second episode is “Mazinkaiser SKL”. Here is the link: Destroy All Podcasts DX Episode 248 – Mazinkaiser SKL. There they discus what seems to be a quite funny show with heavy metal and giant robots.

Hope you like the new podcast that I found for you. See you next time (^_^)/

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