Bleach, chapter 540. There is no Zangetsu.

Ok, you heard that. If you haven’t read the chapter, read it now, or I am going to spoil it for you.

So, why did I say that there is no Zangetsu? Well, because the person, or however you wish to call that dude who wears glasses and who used to help Ichigo during the Soul Society arc, that man has other name. *Last spoiler alert* It is younger Juha Bach. It is Ichigo’s quincy power. Hard to believe, ey?

bleach chapter 540 Zangetsu is Juha Bach


Not really. I remember when Juha first appeared people were saying that he looks like Zangetsu. Not that anyone would thought that he would turn out to BE Zangetsu. But that is Bleach and we learned not to be surprised too much.

bleach chapter 540 Juha Bach is Zangetsu

Juha Bach

Now, there are a few plot holes that need to be filled know (not that Kubo will bother). First, Uryu clearly said that he sensed Shinigami power inside Ichigo. Uryu even told Ichigo how to find a shinigami by his reishi and Ichigo used it to find his own shinigami powers that mow turns out to have quincy nature.

The second problem is that Ichigo got his bankai, when training with Zangetsu. Does it mean that quincy can achieve bankai?

Also, what about Tensa Zangetsu? Is it a teen version of Juha? And what power Ichigo used to defeat Aizen? Quincy power? Hollow power? Shinigami power?

Well, at the very best a few of those questions will be answered. Chances are that Kubo will just ignore all this.

Back to the chapter. Besides this Zangetsu revelation, this chapter was full of nonsensical scenes of “forging” new zanpakuto for Ichigo. Can someone tell me what that was about (see the picture below):

bleach chapter 540 Tooth

Why did she pluck her tooth off?..

Oh, and Kubo just made a new handful of characters:

bleach chapter 540 Asauchi

I won’t even bother to search for their names. I wonder if they even have ones.

Hopefully by the next chapter we will see the end of those forging. See you then (^_^)/

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2 thoughts on “Bleach, chapter 540. There is no Zangetsu.

  1. OMG…so the individual that was referred to during the revelation of Ichigo’s mother and why she died when she should not have, was this guy that’s been helping Ichigo??

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