Naruto Chapter 633. Filler chapter.

This really is a filler chapter. Nothing of importance happened there. we just saw the old jutsu of Konoha youngsters with a ne polish on them.

naruto chapter 633 team 8

Why do we need to watch this again?

naruto chapter 633 team 10

Not you too… -.-‘

I have nothing against those two teams and it is nice to see them fighting. But the problem is that it is always the same couple of moves again and again. Kiba’s “fang over fang”, Hinata’s “64 palms”, Shino’s bugs, Shikamaru’s “shadow possession”, Chogi’s expansion, Ino’s mind control (this chapter she actually did something new and used her sensory abilities). We see the same thing in the fillers that are going on in the anime version right now.

naruto chapter 633 Kiba's shdow clone

Well, to be fair, Kiba learned a new move, he can do shadow clone now. Not that it made me too much exited.

naruto chapter 633 Kiba's big white dog thing

Because he used it just to add a new head to his big dog jutsu. I wonder why this dog would need a new head.

As a finishing touch Kishimoto gave as this:

naruto chapter 633 sannin summomings, team 7

Now they have learned all that sannin had to teach them. Sasuke still need to learn to use Edo Tensei and immortality jutsu, though.

Hope the next chapter will bring us some real action. See you (^_^)/

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