Gamaran, chapter 189. One cool character less till the end.

New chapter is finally out. This one chapter every two weeks pace feels really weird for a shonen manga. But well, it gives the author time to think out the plot. Which he does not do, but that is a detail.

In this chapter Iori continued fighting Jinsuke. Iori received two wounds and got himself worked up and nervous. Then there was a flashback and he got calm and is now ready to fight. Classic.

Gamaran Chapter 189 Iori

He is a little worried here

The second part of the manga was about Zenmaru’s fight. Kujou threw a blade towards Kai and Zenmaru slightly injured himself while trying to save Kai. Kujou used that moment to launch an attack and almost got Zenmaru. But Kai butted in.

Gamaran Chapter 189 Kai

Too bad that is the end of him

I think Kai is going to die here. He can’t just go on living after killing Ogame school guys alongside Jisuke. So, from the story point of view, the only good way for him to go is to die by enemy’s hand. I am not saying that I feel like this is necessary, if it was my manga I would have left him live and be an eyesore for Gama, or I might even turn him evil once more. But in this manga I expect him to die. Too bad, he was a cool character.

Hope the next chapter will finish the Iori vs Jinsuke fight, I want the story to move forward. See you (^_^)/

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