Aiura, episode 9.

Yes, there is no reaction post for the 8th episode, because nothing happened in it. Now, if you think that something happened in this episode, you are wrong, but I just want to post a couple of lines from this show for those who don’t watch it.

Aiura episode 9

Kanaka: My ambitions have been shattered, but still have some dreams left. You appeared in my dream this morning, Saki-chan. I have a feeling Saki-chan will get mad if I talk about it.

Saki: Don’t worry. I’m already quite displeased.

So nice ^_^

Kanaka: Do you have a dream for your future?

Saki: Of course I do.

Kanaka: Oh? What is it?

Saki: To marry into money.


Kanaka: I am thinking of becoming an idol.

Girls: Why an idol?

Kanaka: My mom said to me “You are an idiot, so why don’t you just become an idol?”. My teacher in junior high said the same thing.

Aiura episode 9

So what do you think about those girls? =) See you next time (^_^)/

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