D.Gray-man, episode 1. I don’t know if I can bear it.

Wow, this anime starts so bad O.o I am really surprised. Let’s go with it this way. I’ll just write down what I was thinking while watching the first episode.

First, there was this opening. It offends me. It is so generic, so deprived of anything that might make me be interested in the show. The music is ok. But I had hard time waiting for the opening to end. Tough in that sense in conveyed the idea of the first episode quite well.

After the opening we saw the main character. I was interested here, because even so I have never seen the show, the look of  the mark that this guy has under his eye and his bird, all that was familiar.

D.Gray-Man Episode 1

He seems to be a nice character too

After that we see all this stuff with the cursed building (it was church, I think?). Then there was this scene with a very stupid and uninteresting cop. I wasn’t really interested but it was ok, I was ready to watch on. If you haven’t watched the anime, what happened is that two cops was trying to inspect the church and one of them got killed, and the other one, a girl, was saved by our hero.

But then the stuff started to fall down. Our protagonist (Allen Walker) reveals that the crimes that were committed in this cursed church is the work of akuma. And he, Allen, is the specialist in dealing with akuma. Ok. Then, with no pause we learn that the akuma in question is the husband of the sister of the girl, whom Allen saved. I must say, it sounds like a typical story from FMA series. But here it was done with no taste whatsoever. We just are told that this is an akuma and a few minutes later the thing attacked.

D.Gray-Man Episode 1

That is the girl, whom Allen saved

Then they are again in the church (again, no reason or explanation). Then the akuma and police are there, the akuma kills off all the policemen, and Allen stands and watches. The girl, whom he saved, is shocked, a dozen people she worked with were just killed in front of her. Allen doesn’t care and starts lecturing her on the nature of akuma. By that point I was really eager to end it, it was so dumb, it was almost unbearable.

We learn that the akuma is, in fact, the girl’s sister. He saw flashback of the marriage of this sister. During the ceremony the chandelier fell on her and killed her. That is so idiotic, I can’t believe that someone would put such a lame scene into an anime that is not supposed to be a comedy.

Then Allen kills the akuma with no difficulty. Witch makes him responsible for the deaths of all the police force, whom he decided not to save.

I don’t know if I will be able to go through two more episodes of this thing. I don’t want to. Though, I think it probably gets better, or it wouldn’t be so popular. We will see. Till the next time (^_^)/

Here is what all this thing is about: “Take a peek”. New series here.

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7 thoughts on “D.Gray-man, episode 1. I don’t know if I can bear it.

  1. Whoa whoa! O_O Don’t judge the anime too hastily! Watch at least 5 episodes before you decide whether or not you are going to watch it. It’s one of my favorites. I admit that the beginning isn’t all that exciting but it gets better soon.

    By the way, I haven’t heard the opening until now. I usually skip the openings. Also the reason why they ended up in the church is the akuma. Remember, he shot the bullets and Allen and that cop were thrown out of the house and into the church? Not that it makes any sense.

    • Well, I will try to give this anime another chance. But I had to exercise my will power to finish the first episode, so I don’t know how it will work out.

      I can say off the bat that I won’t watch more than 5 episodes, because that is the rule I made, you know that =) I have no doubt that this anime will get better, I bet you wouldn’t recommended it to me if it stayed on this level : D

      Yeah, that is what I mean. Allen took her to the church, why don’t give us an explaination why he did so.

  2. O_O Now now…that’s just too much.Allen has to kill that girl’s sister in front of her!!!!
    Normally you will find..”NO,I want my sister no matter whatever form she is in” In order to avoid that,he explains all that stuff there.Despite his warnings,police attacked that Akuma.It’s not his fault or their fault.The Author must show how bad these so called Akuma are and once again he had to show Allen’s powers too. And that Akuma attack…..it’s obvious that a hero must save the day Right? ^_^
    If you think about it logically,it makes a lot of sense.

      • Thanks.I am not a regular after all.I am too lazy to read XD
        Anyway,you should consider code geass and death note too.Lelouch didn’t care for many people.He cared for nannaly and nannaly alone.He used people as pawns.And light…he killed all the FBI agents.And yet people think of him as a hero o.O
        We see that sort of story telling ………like all the time.So you should get used to it XD

        • No, that is not what I mean. I am ok with main characters being murderers and psychos. What I didn’t like in D Gray man is ridiculous evens, like the girl’s sister killed by falling chandelier, the fact that Allen waited long time before killing the akuma and such. In each episode I found a dozen of small details that I didn’t like.

          So you see, I have no bad feelings towards Allen Walker, I just don’t like the show.

          As for Light, I never thought about him as of a hero, he is just a mass murderer. A very clever one, but still. For Lelouch I can say nothing, I still am on 6th episode of Code Geass : D

          • I see.It’s one of my favorites, with good story and such.Unlike Naruto and Ichigo, Allen Walker can’t do everything.That’s the part I like the most.Deaths are mainly composed of unexpected events.Duh! Baka me! Of course they are unexpected XD .

            A person can die, even by mere falling ya know!!!!!!!

            Watch “saw” to see how vulnerable the humans really are o.O
            I can’t see through the end.It’s just too much for me T.T

            I don’t like pointless anime like gintama.I dropped it after watching 70 episodes. Oh well!You have to encounter the worst anime to know the importance of good anime XD.
            I got your point though.The point is,I couldn’t find anything wrong with it.After all…….it’s not surprising as we are two otaku.
            See ya kiddo!
            Nice talking to ya!

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