Bleach, chapter 541. New Zangetsu.

This whole chapter we, alongside Ichigo, were trying to figure out what is the deal with this Zengetsu being Juha Bach thing. I can’t say that either us or Ichigo achieved success.

bleach chapter 541

Ahem. Sure about that?

What happened was that Juha’s spirit, that I will refer to as old Zangetsu, existed inside Ichigo as his quincy power. It tried to suppress Ichigo’s shinigami power, for some reason that was not explained properly. But even so old Zangetsu didn’t want Ichigo to have his shinigami powers, he helped him train as shinigami. And for that he used the hollow inside Ichigo. This hollow, as we learned, represents Ichigo’s true power… or maybe not.

Anyway, the point is that old Zangetsu was getting in the way of Ichigo’s progress. But now he disappeared. What?..

bleach chapter 541 Zangetsu's end

There was no explanation for why did old Zangetsu disappeared. Why would you need one, huh?

And now Ichigo can have his real power. What is his real power, I have no idea. We were taught that his real zanpakuto is a hollow. Does it mean that his hollow powers are his real power? Or does it mean that there is some yet new power inside of him?

bleach chapter 541 New Zangetsu

New Zangetsu?..

This manga can be confusing. But knowing Kubo we will get a demonstration of the new Ichigo’s power sooner or later. Till then, see you (^_^)/

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10 thoughts on “Bleach, chapter 541. New Zangetsu.

  1. Why do you act like this is so confusing…?
    It was all explained… well, most of it anyway. The reason he was supressing Ichigo’s shinigami powers is that he did not want him to become a shinigami. Why? Because it was his Quincy power. Why did he disappear? Because he accepted Ichigo for who he is rather than trying to hold him back anymore.
    To continue, now that Zangetsu(Juha) is gone, his shinigami powers will no longer be limited and he will be able to access the rest of it with Zangetsu(New).

    • I don’t see why Zangetsu would want to suppress Ichigo’s shinigami power just because he himself is his quincy power. There is no logic there.

      And I don’t see why accepting Ichigo means that Zangetsu has to disappear : D

      • Zangetsu(Juha) is Ichigo’s Quincy Powers in the form of Juha Bach. What does Juha/All Quincy hate? Shinigami. That being the reason why he would have to kill him as was stated in the chapter.
        And Zangetsu (Juha) doesn’t disappear. As he states “he would be glad to step back”. Meaning that Ichigo does not go through Zangetsu(Juha) to use his zanpakuto, but will now use his actual zanpakuto without any interference. It never states that his Quincy powers would disappear. Nor does it state that he is dead/gone forever.

        • You have got a point. Though I am not too happy with the idea that the old Zangetsu hated Shinigami so much that he would have killed Ichigo for using their power. Though, it is probably how it was.

          So you think Ichigo still have his quincy powers, but it just faded into the background? I won’t argue, that might very well be the case. And thanks for explaining all this stuff =)

          • Not a problem :)
            However, I wouldn’t say Zangetsu(Juha) really would have killed Ichigo. He said that he would have killed him if he became a shinigami, but as his story progressed he mentioned how he began to support Ichigo. Probably as Zangetsu and Ichigo became closer he began to soften up, at least to the point where he would not only let Ichigo live upon becoming a shinigami, but support him throughout it.

            • I’m curious has anyone considered that maybe that was his mom and since all Quincy powers derive from Juha Bach that was the form she took. Hence why he was trying to protect him from endless battles.

      • I’m curious has anyone considered that maybe that was his mom and since all Quincy powers derive from Juha Bach that was the form she took. Hence why he was trying to protect him from endless battles.

    • yea and the old zangetsu really did want nothing but to protect ichigo but if ichigo were to turn into a soulreaper then as a quincy weapon he would be forced to kill him. real or not I think that ichigo could not have asked for a better sword.

      • True, Zangetsu is an awesome sword. And good thing it didn’t hold back Ichigo’s progress during the first arc, or Ichigo truly would have been dead now.

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