Naruto Chapter 634. Naruto and Sasuke combined attack.

Surprisingly, nothing really happened in this chapter. Well, I don’t know if I can say that, at least we are one step closer to see the end of this war. Let’s talk about it.

In the last chapter team seven members summoned their summoning and got ready to charge. In this chapter they charged. That is about it. Sasuke used his black flames, Naruto used his Rasen Shuriken. They combined those two attacks into one and hit Juubi with it.

naruto chapter 634

Here i show this combination looks like.

Minato named it Shakuton Kourinshui Pukokuyari Zero-shiki, if it makes any sense to you.

naruto chapter 634 Gigantic Rasen Shuriken

By the way, the Rasen Shuriken, that was used in this combination was quite a big one. When again did Naruto learn to make it this big?..

We don’t know the result of this attack. It would be disappointing if this will be te end for Juubi. Then we won’t have an enemy anymore, I guess.

naruto chapter 634

Meanwhile, Sakura is attempting to heal the whole allied force.

So what may happen in the next chapters? I think Juubi will not go down just yet, though it may lay still for a while. That leaves us with probable Madara vs Hashirama fight and going on Kakashi vs Obito fight. None of those is too interesting, since we have already seen Madara fighting the first hokage, and Obito and Kakashi tend to talk nonsense when fighting each other, so I am not too eager to see that fight too.

What else? Possible Sasuke betrayal? Madara has an ace up his sleeve? Juubi would get even more powerful? I don’t know.

naruto chapter 634 Orochimaru going to save Tsunade

What I do know is that there i sa good chance that in the next chapter we will see Tsunade getting rescued by Orochimaru

They will probably use Karin’s blood to save Tsunade. Also, I wonder what the other kage are doing right now. Still lying unconscious? If Orochimaru saves Tsunade that would definitely mean that the other kage would get some help too. So we will see them on the battlefield soon. Not that there is any need for anymore good guys, but still.

Hope you liked this chapter, see you next time (^_^)/

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6 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 634. Naruto and Sasuke combined attack.

    • And we got this Naruto-Sasuke combination out of the way =) It had to happen, so now we can move forward.

      Also, do you think that Orochimaru will really do something interesting? I am afraid that he will just save Tsunade. If that will be it for his role in this war, I will be dissapointed.

      • Nah. I don’t think Orochimaru will become the savior of Tsunade and just walk away. He would probably do something interesting like the good ol’ Orochimaru we know =) It would be nice if he tried to claim Sasuke’s body XD

        I don’t like the fact ALL the current kages were defeated by Madara. What does that make them? Weaklings? They couldn’t defeat one guy. The Raikage took on Sasuke and fought on equal grounds. Plus, they made it seem like he is sooo powerful. Then there’s Gaara. Remember how he made Akamaru tremble with fear during the chunin? The Tsuchikage with particle style and Mizukage with her kekkei genkai were defeated too. I am not saying anything about Tsunade :/ All she ever did was heal the victims since the beginning. Kishi is ALWAYS making Naruto look like some kind of god with a lot of power -.-

        • I actually liked the fight between Madara and the kages alot =) The alliance was so much more powerful than the enemies, that it was painful. Then we got Madara, who could turn the tables somewhat. It doesn’t mean that the kages are weak, it just make Madara to be a shinobi of a power that is beyond human. Even Naruto wasn’t able to defeat him, and Naruto’s clone took out more than one reanimated kage : D

          Now, the question is what Kishimoto is going to do with such a character. If he will be just defeated by Hashirama again, it will be an insult towards the kages.

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