JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (1993), the end

I finished this series and now I’ll try to make a compact review for it as I tried to do for the first three episodes of Gundam. Here we go.

Story. In terms of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure don’t have that much to offer. Good guys beat bad guys one or two at a time and that is it. I don’t particularly like the way the anime ended, mostly because Dio was defeated (spoiler, wow) and he was a cool character.

Pacing. Most of the show was dedicated to the fights against Dio’s minions, and that gets old if you look for the story development. But if you just want fights, you won’t be disappointed.

Animation. There are some small issues there, but all in all it is well made.

Characters. All the characters here are manly men and manliness is their dominating quality. Well, not really. They have different personalities and different ways of thinking. And if you are used to modern anime you might find the characters here refreshing.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure episode Dio


Character designs. Gigantic guys looking as if they just went out of the gym. You say that there are too many moe shows nowadays, so, why don’t you watch this instead :P

Music and sound effects. Nothing too impressive. I don’t even remember how it sounded.

Opening and ending. Ending is not interesting (just credits, like in regular movies), but the opening was quite strange and I was not able to figure out what it was about. Before each episode we saw a human sacrifice and a man, with a mask and there was no explanation.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure episode 10 Opening

But it is much better than a generic opening, like the one I discussed a few posts ago.

Action. This anime is all about action. Guns, swords, fists, sand, reflections, fire, poisonous gas and zombies, all that was used as weapons there.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure episode 10 poker

And don’t forget poker

Final thoughts. This anime is six episodes long. Even if you don’t like it, it won’t be a huge loss of time. Though I won’t recommend this anime, I am just saying that you may like it and that it is not bad.

Till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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7 thoughts on “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (1993), the end

  1. Glad to see you at least enjoyed parts of it.

    As for the man with a mask and the human sacrifice opening, remember how I said this is an adaption of Part 3 of JJBA? Said prologue however, is relevant to Part 1 instead. This could be considered spoilers, but since you already know Dio’s a vampire, that scene relates to how he became one.

    I’m not sure if you liked JJBA enough to want to continue watching the 2012 anime adaption, but I really would recommend it. I understand if the ‘Dio’s minions of the week’ plot format bored you(It did for me), but luckily each ‘Part’ of JJBA has a different story format. Part 1(The first half of the 2012 anime) is a classic vampire horror martial arts story set in England, while Part 2(The other half) is kinda like Indianna Jones but more awesome.

    Either way, glad that the series is getting some light even now. Lookin’ forward to what else you plan to watch.

    • I thought so, but I didn’t think it was Dio, who put the mask on. It all looked like an Aztec ritual, and Dio doesn’t look like an native Aztec to me. I guess I will learn how he got there from the prequel.

      Actually, I wasn’t bored by this show at all =) I like crazy stories like this one. I rewatched one of the episodes after I finished the series, which I hardly ever do, even with the best anime.

      I am planning to watch JJBA 2012, but not right now. It is a longer show, so I will have to wait for when I have a little bit of free time for it.

      Thanks for reading =) By the way, I saw your post about Oreimo. So it is not really true that the guy will end up with his sister? I mean, I’ve read some crazy stuff about the ending of this novel, like that those two will marry. Kind of hard to believe.

      • Well, no, that man wearing the mask isn’t Dio. But the mask is what turns Dio into the badass charismatic vampire he is….Well, it’s somewhat weird to explain, but basically the important thing is that mask. The human sacrifice and the hulk wearing the mask isn’t of any real importance other than setting the mood. It’ll make sense once you have time to start the 2012 series.

        As for Oreimo, they had a mock-wedding(Not an actual one), kissed, had some tongue action(Okay, the tongue part is just hearsay), but then the dude declares that the two will return to normal siblings after graduation. Then, in the epilogue, they meet up, kissed again, and one of the two(Can’t be arsed to remember who) scolds the other and says they need to hold another advice session thing…It sounds pretty bad(I mean, Kirino was more or less the winner), and it probably is. Until the actual translations are out on the internet though, I’m trying hard not to drop the series entirely.

        • I am asking because I was going to watch Oreimo. I’ve seen some bits and it looked like fun. But I don’t know, it will feel weird watching it, knowing that it is an actual incest story : D Well, I don’t think it will really stop me, I have seen much weirder stuff than that.

  2. This OVA is actually how I first found out about the JJBA series. I found it in a bargain bin and thought it’d be good fun in the usual 90’s OVA sort of way. Which it was, except a bit more cool and campy.

    I too rec the 2012 Jojo anime whenever you get a chance. It’s way campier than the OVA, but still good fun.

      • Well, it doesn’t have anything quite like the moment where Dio punches his way through the stone tower Jotaro throws at him, but it plays with splashy colors and the dialogue is way more over-the-top.

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