Gamaran, chapter 190.

Did I say that Kai died in the last chapter. I was wrong. This event started in the last chapter and consumed all new one. That is the way they do stuff in the manga that are more than a 100 chapters long.

Gamaran chapter 190 Kai's death

I can’t say that it was too tragic. I felt something in the last chapter, but you can’t moan a character that you hardly know for two weeks.

But on the good side of things, Zenmaru did defeat his enemy and is ready to move forward. Well, maybe not move forward, but at least not hinder the progress of the story.

I was afraid that both Kujou Mario and Kai will end up becoming “good” again. Would have been kind of stupid. But well, now that they are dead, it feels a little sad.

Gamaran chapter 190 Kujou Mario

And, just like that, two old members of Ogame school died in this same room.

And you know what? Translation for the chapter 191 seems to be out O.o I thought it was a weekly, not a daily series. Going to read it right now. See you (^_^)/

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