Gamaran, chapter 191. Three chapters till the end.

We just learned that Soul Eater is going to an end. And now another piece of news. Gamaran ends too. Only three chapters are left and it is done. It was looking like the manga is heading towards the conclusion, but I thought there will be some other twist, maybe. No, it just ends there.

Gamaran chapter 191 Jinsuke


In this chapter the fight between Jinsuke and Iori got to the end point. Meaning that Gama came in and now they won’t be able to go on fighting. I don’t know what exactly we will see in the last three chapters, but it doesn’t look like there will be a fight between Gama and Jinsuke. Three chapters is just not enough for that. They will probably talk for two chapters and then there will be a happy end chapter.

Gamaran chapter 191 Jinsuke vs Iori

If what I said is right, then it is probably the highest point of the story.

After this manga is over I will probably take another manga to follow. Don’t know which one, though. See you next time (^_^)/

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