Bleach, chapter 542. Two swords.

Kubo is not really an environmentalist. His last chapter might have been printed on one single page. Think how many trees would have been saved?

Yeah, you think there is no way all this amazing content would feet on one page? But let me ask you, what was really interesting in this chapter besides this panel:

Bleach 542 Ichigo has twin blades now

Ichigo’s new zanpakuto

Now Ichigo has twin swords, just like Kyoraku and Jushiro. And I wonder if that means that he is going to get new bankai too. It probably does. Maybe the bankai will be useful this time. And, considering that we have never seen a bankai of a double zanpakuto, it will be even more interesting.

Also, the shape of the sword that he holds in his left hand is funny. The balance is probably as awful as you can make it, but at least his hand has some protection.

And there is nothing more to say. If you thing that this picture is worth mention, well..

Bleach 542 Stern Ritters

That may mean that we will have the second attack. But it may also mean nothing.

Hope you like the new swords Ichigo’s got. See you next time (^_^)/

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