Naruto Chapter 635. Kakashi is dead again?..

This chapter was more or less an excuse to bring back the five kage. And it was kind of predictable too. Here is what I wrote in my last post “They will probably use Karin’s blood to save Tsunade”. See, even I could predict this, means it was kinda obvious.

Naruto chapter 635 pic5

And Kishi just don’t have the guts to kill a character

Tsunade sacrificed herself to save the four kages, but now her gesture is hard to appreciate. But seriously, did you think she would die? I did when I saw her in that awful shape, but since there was no dying scene I figured she was going to be fine after all. And I am not saying that she should have been killed off, but I want to say that when you don’t believe that characters are even mortal, it is hard to appreciate the tension of the moment. It was a big problem in Bleach. Kubo may cut Ichigo’s head off, fans still would not believe he is in big trouble.

Naruto chapter 635 Karin

Also this episode had that Karin comedy again. Though, when she is not embarrassing Sasuke it is not as fun

So, what do we have now? Five kages are ok and going to the battlefield. From their battle with Madara we know that they are a little less than equal to him, when put together. But the point is that Hashirama alone is a little more than equal to Madara, and lets not forget all the other people there. To tell the truth, I don’t see why Kishimoto is gathering all the people on this one spot. It I was in his shoes, I would have tried to diverge the action, so bad guys would have chance to defeat the overpowered people like kage one by one. That is, if I wanted to continue the story.

Naruto chapter 635 pic2

Hope that all you fans of those guys are happy ^_^

What Kishimoto is doing can lead to two solutions. Either he is going to finish the manga there, or he is going to make a major turning point that would involve a lot of people. And if it is the second option, then we should think about it from the point of view of what bad guys might do. We learned that Orochimaru is going to be passive, Madara only wants to fight Hashirama, Kuubi does not have a plan beyond “get off me, what have I done to you, leave me alone!” So it is either Sasuke or Obito. I bet for Sasuke, he probably has an evil plan of a sort.

Naruto chapter 635 pic3

Sakura tried to tell us something about Sasuke, but I didn’t get it. And she looks drunk. Kishimoto, can you please try better next time? =/

Naruto chapter 635 Orochimaru

And, while we on the subject, don’t make a clown out of Orochimaru!

Now, sorry for the troll title again. It is true that Kakashi did got hit by a blade pretty badly. Not the first time, by the way. Last time we learned that it was a lightning clone, I believe. And Kakashi even died once before. And, if Kishi can’t even kill Tsunade, what are the chances he kills Kakashi? Around zero, I would say.

Naruto chapter 635 Kakashi vs Obito

Looks pretty bad, though

Hope you liked the chapter. Or, at least the last panel of it. See you next time (^_^)/

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15 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 635. Kakashi is dead again?..

    • And Neji’s death was so random too. He died to an attack that should not be a thread to an elite shinobi. After we saw Tsunade survived being cut in half, that is kind of odd.

      Oh, and, by the way, I am not even sure that Tobi won’t ressurect Neji and the nameless shinobi around, as Nagato did with the people of Konoha. I don’t mind having Neji and I am not that eager to slaughter one of the good guys, but I don’t feel any fear for characters’ lifes at this point, which isn’t good =|

      • Yeah. A jonin, the one said to be a genius died of a simple attack *facepalm*

        I don’t like all the good guys dying either but this is a war and war is NEVER a pretty business. Some people die, Some people lose their limbs and some people lose their way after seeing all the bloodshed. Even though I don’t want anyone to die, I don’t appreciate anyone coming back to life after they are dead. It just isn’t possible. Once a person is dead you can never bring him back. You can cry, you can suuffer but you can’t do anything about it. He will never return. Even if you are willing to exchange your life for his. Real world isn’t that kind and gentle. Something once lost will never return.

        • I agree. The depiction of war isn’t very well done here. Good thing you don’t read Fairy Tail manga, there this idea of bringing people back gone so far, it’s got ridiculous.

          Come to think of it, I wonder if you can really call this thing, that is going on in Naruto manga, a war. They are fighting 1 living person, bunch of clones and undead people. In the real war the tention comes from fighting people, who are just like you. That and the horror are what breakes people down. The third ninja war was much closer to what a war really is.

  1. the entire premiss to this war is bringing back the dead. If you don’t buy into that there couldn’t even be a war. Nearly all the antagonist are people who were brought back from the grave.

  2. What really bugs me is how can the reanimated Itachi still have his eyes when they were removed and transplanted into Sasuke

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