Senyuu.: Yusha Nagurareru. & Nise Panda no Seitai

I don’t know how many of you are interested in Senyuu. special, the one that is also named Episode 1.1, but I promised to write about it, and so I am going to do that. The only problem is that there is almost nothing to write about. The start of the episode is an alternative version of the first episode of the TV series. Here is Alba (I remember his name, wow, I am proud of myself O.O) gets beaten by a giraffe:

Senyuu. Yusha Nagurareru. & Nise Panda no Seitai Alba

That scene and the next where Ross saves him and tease him afterwards is the first part of the special.

Then they lost the desire to work (or they didn’t have anymore money to put into the project), so they made a pointless and awful animation about the history of those weird looking giraffes.

Senyuu. Yusha Nagurareru. & Nise Panda no Seitai

I feel a little insulted by the quality of this thing.

That is it. But as a bonus I have something better for you. The preview of the second season. Not that I am stupid enough to think that it will be much better than the firs one, but anyway:

That looks much better than the first season animation style. But the cake is a lie here, I’m almost sure.

Here is the list of all my posts on Senyuu. – SENYUU.

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