Anime podcast of the week. June 26, 2013.

This time I have another new anime podcast for you. Oh, not even one, but two new podcasts. Hope you like the diversity. It is not that easy to do too. I mean, I look at my list of podcast episodes that I would like to feature, and I see about a dozen Destroy All Podcasts episodes, so if I were to just go by the list all you would see till Fall would have been this one podcast.

But back to the track. This time I bring you Fast Karate for the Gentleman podcast. This is the first, and hopefully not the last time I feature this podcast here.

Fast Karate for the Gentleman podcast

By the way, when I say “new podcast” I mean that I have never featured it here before. Fast Karate for the Gentleman is an old podcast, it has almost 500 episodes.

The episodes I want to bring are reviews for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure TV series from 2012. Here are the names and the links to the episodes:

The second podcasts that I want to show to you is probably the most famous one there is, maybe even more famous than Anime World Order. It is ANNCast. This podcast is hosted on Anime News Network site.


The episode of ANNCast I have chosen is named Clash of the Supernerds, and during the episode hosts discuss some of the currently airing anime and whole lot of other things. It is interesting to listen to. Here is the link – Clash of the Supernerds.

Hope you like those two podcasts. See you next week (^_^)/

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