I just watched this movie. And tell you what. Don’t you try watching it yourself. You are not ready. Seriously.

Well, first of all, MAL says that it is an OVA, which is strange, considering that it is one 60 minutes long episode. I just have no idea how you tell that this is not a movie. Whatever.

Second, this anime is not really that awful. Problem is that it has a lot of explicit content (aka, extreme violence, gore, sex scenes, attempted rape).  So, if you are under the legal age, or whatever the law in your country says, you shouldn’t be watching it.

And you know, you won’t miss much. In terms of plot, there is nothing new or interesting. It is the classic tale of a monster that can only be killed by a human that is partly a monster too. If you what to watch an anime with this plot, better pick Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

But if you still are interested in Biohunter, here is a very-very compact preview and then I will tell you what I think about this anime.

Bio Hunter Komada

Komada, the main character

This anime tells us a story of two guys, Komada and Koshigaya. Both are working in a university, and, as a part-time job, they are bio hunters. That means that they hunt and purify people, who got infected by a certain virus. What that virus does is this, it turns you into a monster. So they fight those infected people. And they can do it because Komada is infected too, but he can control the virus in him. Sounds bad? It sure does.

All that has almost nothing to do with the main events of the story, but it provides a nice background. I don’t want to spoil the whole plot, but the idea is that they have to kill a certain bad guy.

Bio Hunter Koshigaya


The pacing of the story is pretty good, it doesn’t drag itself. On the other hand the whole first 15 minutes make you feel like you are watching porno. It starts with explicit scenes, then there are jokes about relations between students and the two guys (I did mention that they are professors, right). But later on the show gets a grip on itself. Point is that Komada, being infected by the virus, is afraid to start relations with people, because he doesn’t see himself as a human anymore. So I would not say that all those jokes about relations and dating are here just for the fanservice. They try to show us how different Komada and Koshigaya are, Koshigaya being a normal human, and Komada being something else.

Bio Hunter The bad guy

The bad guy

What I like about this movie is characters. They do have some personalities. And they tried to give them background. Also, thanks to the unusual animation style and good job that English voice actors done, the two protagonists of the show really stand out of the mass of random people who inhabit the world of 90s OVAs.

Bio Hunter Murakami, Sayaka

Sayaka Murakami. Look at this character design, it doesn’t look like anything I reviewed before.

If you wonder who is this girl on the picture above, that is the female lead of this show. But as it usually is old anime girls only play the role of victims. And so does Sayaka Murakami.

Also, Kawajiri Yoshiaki wrote script for that and that tells something. Beware this guy, he like to make fan with his shows. And he like what people have additional faces growing out of their bodies.

Overall, I would not recommend it to anyone,besides people like me, who just like the old anime storytelling and animation style and randomness of events. And if you want to start watching old anime, you would be better off with Riding Bean, Ninja Scroll (which is a very violent anime too, btw) or Demon City Shinjuku (which I haven’t seen, but from what I know it is much more tame).

Hope you are not creeped out by this show. see you next time (^_^)/

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