Bleach, chapter 543.

Oh, this chapter was so empty. What should I do if I don’t care about inner quarrels of the stern ritters? Donno.

The only new thing we got there was that Uryu is now Juha Bach’s successor.

Bleach chapter 543 Uryu

What does it mean? Nothing. Yeah, I mean it. Who cares who will be Juha Bach’s successor? If Juha Bach dies this manga is over. Kubo won’t be able to pull off this Sasuke-Naruto thing here. And even if Uryu became stronger, it doesn’t mean that we don’t remember how weak he always been. I can’t be exited of waiting for Ichigo vs Uryu fight. That is just not interesting enough.

Well, we will see what will happen in the next chapter. We haven’t seen the soul king yet, that might be interesting. In my opinion the best thing Kubo might do right now is to free Aizen and let him fight this soul king. That would be something. See you next time (^_^)/

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11 thoughts on “Bleach, chapter 543.

  1. I have so much catching up to do on Bleach. It’s terrible how far behind I am. I’d be a little sad if Ichigo and Ishida fought. I actually thought they had become friends, of a sort.

    I’ve always been looking forward to Aizen coming back into the bigger picture, so I’d anticipate that too should he come back :3

  2. If you have read the chapters where Juha Bach attacked Soul Society, then you don’t miss anything. Since then nothing big happened.

    I don’t think they will kill one another, so a little fight would be alright =) It would make Ishida feel good to be iportant, I hope : D

  3. I don’t know,I think Juha Bach tapping Uryu for his successor is pretty significant. If Juha Bach falls, that means that Uryu will then rule in his place, and possibly gain his power (speculating here). Let’s not ignore the fact that there are fundamental elements that would pit Uryu against Ichigo… The whole situation where Quincy upset the natural balance of things has yet been resolved, and unless Uryu can gain control of the Quincy and get them to stop killing hollows, I don’t see how this is going to end cleanly. Even still, there’s no real guarantee that would even happen as Uryu is poised to finally get his revenge for the genocide of his clan. Even if he’s friends with Kurosaki I still believe he harbors conflicted feelings regarding the whole situation, as when he told Ichigo he couldn’t go to Hueco Mundo with him (speculating that he had received summons from the Vandenreich at that time).

    I am especially looking forward to meeting the Soul King… I can’t help but keep thinking back to when Aizen said to Urahara something to the effect of letting everything be controlled by “that thing”… I want to know what he ultimately meant by that.

    • Well, if it was not Bleach I would have been exited about Uryu being a successor too. But there is no way this manga will go on after Juha dies with Uryu as an antagonist. To be an antagonist you have to be pretty heartless, so you would be able to fight against everyone, and Uryu isn’t that. But I see what you mean, Uryu will definitely have to face this problem of Quincy being a danger to the world. But he is smart and he sees the Shinigami point of view, so he will sort it out somehow, I think.

      Yeah, Soul King is the last mistery there is, hope Kubo plays this card well =)

  4. Ishida probably has some plan. I doubt that he wants to kill all the shinigami just to get his revenge. He told Ichigo that he agreed with the shinigami as far as the quicy extermination was considered. He will probably switch sides at some critical point. It’s so obvious that it makes the manga boring -.-

    • Yeah, I agree. Though, I expect Uryu to fight some powerful shinigami before he switches sides. Would be interesting to see strong Uryu, he used to be so weak though out the whole series. Maybe he will beat Byakuya, that would be funny : D

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