Naruto Chapter 636. Nope, Kakashi is fine.

Everyone used to say that Kubo (the author of Bleach) is a troll. Than what about Kishimoto?

Naruto chapter 636 Kakashi vs Obito

So the whole Kakashi vs Obito fight before that moment was a genjutsu. If that is not a trolling, than I don’t know what is.

Though, probably out of remorse, Kishimoto did put in some real action too. But never the less I would say that this fight so far was the worst of all major fights as of recently. I said quite a lot of bad things about Kakashi’s attempts to talk Obito out of his ideas, I won’t repeat it. Then there is this genjutsu that wipes out all the actions. And what is next?

Naruto chapter 636 Kakashi thinks about Naruto

Yes, Kakashi is thinking about Naruto. I would have guessed that there are some other things to think about for a change, but all well.

Well, I guess every one in this manga is thinking only about Naruto at this point.

Then there is this small reward for our patience:

Naruto chapter 636 Kakashi vs Obito

They did something real, at last

Here Kishimoto was less extreme. Both of them got injured, but Kakashi was shown to be ok (you can’t make the same cliffhanger twice in a row). Obito, on the other hand, was injured badly enough to end the fight. Good thing it ended, it was going on for too long.

Then something good started happening:

Naruto chapter 636 Madara vs Hashirama clone

First Madara showed that he is not completely useless and a clone is nothing to him. Good to know.

Naruto chapter 636 Madara kils Obito

And then he showed that he also had some back-up plan.

Now that is interesting. It seems that right now Madara is planning to make Obito revive him. That would presumably kill Obito. That is probably the best end for him from the shonen storytelling point of view. He is not bad enough to be killed by one of the good guys, and at the same time there is no way he can be forgiven. But there is always a third way, and most of the Akatsuki went there.

Why does Madara want to be revived? He will be able to become jinchuriki, yes. Though to do that he will need to do something about all the people who are attacking the Ten Tailes, I think. Not sure if that is would be easy. Also, after being revived he will lose his immortality. That might be a problem as well. But well, if he manages to become Juubi jinchuriki, he will be on the more equal ground with his opponents.

At any rate, hope we will see something interesting soon. Till the next time (^_^)/

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5 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 636. Nope, Kakashi is fine.

  1. I am actually wishing for Madara to overpower the shinobi forces right now. Think about it. The only person on his side right now is Zetsu who is pretty weak (assuming that Obito is going to be killed). That’s a little sad. Fighting the whole shinobi world by himself.

    • Oh, I am wishing for Madara to overpower people since the moment I saw him XD He is such a good enemy, heartless and remorseless. Though I don’t think it is possible to overpower that many shinobi, no matter what he do. Not to mention that the fight seems kind of pointless, now that he has no allies. If I were in his position I would try to retreat, taking Juubi with me, and then form some real force to take on the shinobi alliance.

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