Aiura, episode 12, the end.

And here comes the end of Aiura. In best traditions of anime, the last episode is a beach episode, just the way you like it. And as if summarizing the show, this episode has nothing in terms of events. Girls barely talked to each other in it.

Aiura, episode 12

But the art was as nice as usual

Looking over the whole show, I would say that it is good for a short filler, when you want to watch anime, but don’t want anything tense, when you don’t want to feel involved. With Aiura you can just lean back and relax for a couple of minutes.And watching one episode a week suits this show perfectly, because even if you forget what happened two episodes ago, that is ok, the show has no plot to begin with.

The selling point of the show is its animation and art style. Both were good throughout te whole show. The animation was not too complex, because there wasn’t much action in there. But when they needed to make an animated scene, they were not afraid to do so, and they even added some unnecessary movements here and there, which livened up the picture.

Aiura, episode 12

Though there was plenty of still shots too.

Art style for this show is a variation  of that moe K-On style, but with some adjustments.. I think they tried to make girls look more realistic. In anime girls are usually drawn very slim, and in this show they tried not to do so. Donno how many of you saw any difference.

One more thing I want to mention. This show has a good opening. I don’t even talk about the music and the animation, thought both are well done too. The opening had some sort of idea. I am getting really tired of openings that are just random clips with the characters of the show put together. I am referring to usual shonen show openings. Most of the Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail openings make me very sad. Even Fullmetal Alchemist does this. And the worst type of openings is the one when they show plain spoilers for the future show in it.

Sorry, I got derailed. One day I will write a big post just about openings and what I think of them.

I guess this is it for Aiura. Hope you liked this show. If you liked it and you want more of it, try watching K-On, Lucky Star, Sound of The Sky (haven’t watched that one, but it should be pretty similar). MAL recommends you Mangirl!, which I wrote about at length (here) and Yuyushiki, which I don’t think you should waste you time on.

Till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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2 thoughts on “Aiura, episode 12, the end.

  1. I really liked the show. I’m still thinking about the meaning behind the opening, but it’s really nice. And I share your opinion about bad openings they really can make the show bad (especially when an opening spoils things).

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