Gamaran, chapter 192.

The manga goes to the end fast. In this chapter Jinsuke managed to defeat Iori. Took him long, but well, Iory is the second strongest man in the world, for all we know, so that is ok.

Gamaran chapter 192 Jinsuke vs Iori

And he did it with a bare hand strike, which is quite awesome too. It is awesome because Iori himself likes bare handed combat and he had never been beaten in it.

But after that fight Jinsuke looks really bad, coughing up blood and being wounded more than once. I wonder if he will be able to fight Gama and even if he will, if that would give Gama any satisfaction at all.

gamaran chapter 192 Gama and Jinsuke

It seems that they rather want to talk. Fine with me.

Donno what they are going to talk about, though. This manga never was good with talking. I have a feeling that the next chapter will be really dumb. But whatever, we have only two chapters left, I think, and it is interesting to know how this manga will end. So, till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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