Bleach, chapter 544.

That is not what I want. Seriously. I mean, just look at this chapter. Did anyone like it? I donno, tome it seems that Kubo just didn’t know what to draw, so he did the first things that came to his mind.

Warning. If you liked the chapter, you better stop reading there.

Bleach chapter 544

… he is skilled with a needle, is that what you mean?..

So for some reason Juha Bach wants Uryu by his side, even though he perfectly aware of the fact that Uryu has some sort of power that could be a danger to him, and even so Uryu has all the reasons to want Juha’s death. Juha is probably Aizen’s fan boy and he wants to have a Gin of his own.

After that the chapter went further down the slope.

Bleach chapter 544

Do we really need this bunch of pointless characters?

Really, this is getting stupid. Though I guess they all are going to serve as cannon fodder when time comes to the big fight.

By the way, there was this one scene that really annoyed me.

Bleach chapter 544

Did she just kill one of her subordinates?

That is so idiotic. I understand that she might be stupid and it is ok to be stupid if you sole purpose in life is to follow orders from Juha. But, if you know that this girl is stupid enough to waste lives of people around her just to entertain herself, why would you give her a commander position? That makes no sense. No one will follow such a person.

But that is not it, that is not what annoyed me. What annoyed me is her disregard for her subordinates. If you are a leader, you bear responsibility for the people who have lower position. And if you don’t take that responsibility, that makes you a bad leader. But well, when a leader abuses his subordinates, that is a whole another story, that is just disgusting.

Now that this is out of the way, there was one promising part in the chapter. Here:

Bleach chapter 544

Arrived where?

Urahara is planning something. Not that I expect anything too complicated, but well, at least there are possibilities. I guess that they are at Hueco Mundo, maybe near the Las Noches, hunting for something that either used to belong to Aizen, or belongs to Juha. I don’t think they want any direct confrontation, but knowing Kubo they will definitely get into a fight of a sort.

Anyway, sorry for such a depressing post. I know I am late with all my reaction posts this week. I had some trouble with my computer, that is the main reason for the delay. But it is over now. See you soon (^_^)/

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2 thoughts on “Bleach, chapter 544.

  1. I must say I did like this episode. I was curious though Juha said that Ishida was the only quincy that survived the selection 9 years ago are we to assume then that Ichigo was not part of the selection or was he because he can’t seem to remember anything much from that day.

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