Naruto Chapter 637. This manga is heading towards the end.

First of all, as I think I said in the last Naruto post, I really liked the fact that Madara still had an ace up his sleeve, especially now that he fights with all those indestructible shinobi.

Naruto chapter 637 Madara

Now if you read by post about Bleach chapter 544 then you may ask me “you just went out of you way to criticize that girl for killing her subordinate; now Madara does the same thing, why don’t you rage at him?”. But the answer is simple. In Bleach the girl was killing her men for the fan of it. Madara was going to kill Obito in order to achieve his goal. While that is just as evil, it is not as disgusting. Not to mention that Obito is not really Madara’s subordinate, they are rather equals.

Naruto chapter 637

By the way, don’t you like those faces Madara started to make?

Anyway, Madara’s plan failed.

Naruto chapter 637 Minato vs Obito

Minato is pretty merciless himself

With his ability to teleport, Minato is close to being invincible. The only way you can hope to hit him is if he let’s you. That was how he died, taking the hit that was aimed for Naruto.

Madara’s reaction for the fail of his grand plan was kind of funny. I don’t know what it means, if he doesn’t care at all now, or is there something we don’t understand.

Naruto chapter 637

“Whatever, I don’t need to be alive”

But the main event of the chapter was left for the last page, as often is the case with this sort of manga.

Naruto chapter 637 pic6

Obito became Juubi’s jinchuriki. That is telling me that this manga is really going to end soon. If it was Madara, then there would have been possibilities. With Obito, I don’t know where the story can possible go. At this point he reminds me of Tetsuo from Akira. And Kakashi is acting somewhat like Caneda, trying to kill his supposed friend while taking to him.

Well, I don’t know what exactly Obito wants to do with his new power. He can try create a new world with the genjutsu, that will be an Evangelion style of ending. He might fight and lose, that would be an obvious shonen style of ending. He might turn good and resurrect every single one of the dead people around, and that would be a messed up style of ending. Don’t know, what do you think?

Till the next time (^_^)/

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