Senyuu. Season 2, episode 1

Also known as Senyuu. episode 14

Phew, it seems I am not desperately late for the start of the season (as if was the case every season before). And starting this season Senyuu 2. Actually, I believe the right way to write it is Senyuu. 2, but screw it.

The second season of Senyuu doesn’t really look as a second season. They just picked from where they ended the previous one. Granted, there is no plot in this anime, so it doesn’t matter.

Senyuu season 2 episode 1

Characters are the same too, obviously

To be honest, I am watching this anime just because it is 5 minutes long, and I feel like I can spear this much time just to learn what is going to happen in this anime. The story, the characters, the humor, in this anime all of it does down the hill, and by the second season it went a good way. But still, the show is not awful.

Senyuu season 2 episode 1

Old demon king. Just want to put it there.

Now, the rest of the shows I am going to watch from this season are much better (or so I hope). So, see you soon (^_^)/

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