My first fanart.

Ok guys, bear with me. I know that is not what you subscribed for. And I am not going to make this blog into my personal DeviantArt-style gallery. But!

For a long time now I wanted to try my hand in drawing. When I was a child I, as all of us, I think, was making stuff with crayons, but it was nothing to show off. I never knew how to draw, really. When I started watching anime, the thought came to me, how cool would it be if I could draw things in anime style. But I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to.

So, that is why I never really tried to draw. I maybe did try to draw an eye or something, but it was no good.

And today when I was reading Bleach I was thinking “some of those panels look so simple, can’t be that hard to draw stuff like this”. And  I decided to try to draw using one of those panels as a reference.

And here it is.

Rukia Kuchiki fanart

After I finished hand drawing I made a photo and then used some weird software to make it black and white. Then I used MS Paint for the finishing touches.

I am quite glad of how it looks, considering it is my first try. Well, sorry for the off topic stuff, see you later (^_^)/


11 thoughts on “My first fanart.

    • Thank you =) It is not that hard to draw when using a reference picture. Though I shouldn’t talk, I only did it once :D Anyway I’m sure you will be able to draw better than this if you try it.

        • Sketching is probably tougher than what I did here =) Proportions and all that stuff, I don’t know how artists do that. I bet some of them actually use a ruler : D

          Yeah, that is the first thing I did that I can call a drawing, had ~zero experience before.

          • No, it isn’t too tough, as long as there’s tracing xD I think some of them use rulers too, although my friend, who’s a rookie drawer doesn’t and he’s really good at anime art.

            :o well that was really good for your first try ^^ and I’m sure you’ll get better at it too with practice.

  1. That’s amazing O_O It’s better than anything I could draw anyway. I remember when I was in third grade, I was supposed to draw a frog for my science record and when I struggles hard and finished it, my teacher was like “Is that a lizard?” XD

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