Gamaran, chapters 193 and 194. The end.

This manga ended. It is kind of hard to believe when you are told that a shonen manga with over 100 chapter ends. But well, I am not going to complain, Gamaran was heading to the end for the past year I guess.

The last two chapters showed that in the end Gama had hard time killing Jinsuke. Not because of Jinsuke’s sword skills, but rather for moral reasons. Jinsuke was too weak to fight back, so defeating him had no meaning. And slaughtering him was not what Gama wanted.

gamaran chapter 193 Gama and Jinsuke

Most underwhelming end for Gama’s quest

gamaran chapter 193

Till the very end Jinsuke had good time making fun of his son. At least he was happy in his last moments.

The Jinsuke died. I don’t know how he died, but he was not killed by shogunate soldiers, and he was not killed by his allies, and there were no other people besides Gama there. Maybe he died of his illness, I don’t know. Or Gama did kill his father.

gamaran chapter 194 Naoyoshi

If there were any people who were really worried for Naoyoshi, he is fine

This manga ends without too much of happy or unhappy ending. Unabara is taken by enemies, Jinsuke and bunch of other people died, I don’t know if that is supposed to be a good end or what. At any rate, no one seems sad.

So what is going to happen to Gama? I guess he will try to hone his skills to the level when he will be recognized as the best swordsman or all time. I don’t think he ever will achieve this goal, though. Also, at some point Iori will come for his and take his life.

gamaran chapter 194 Iori

I’m not kidding, now that Jinsuke is dead Gama is the best opponent Iori can get

I don’t see this manga having a sequel or anything else. The best we can count for is TV adaptation or an OVA series. The fact that you can safely cut off 80% of the material would help there.

This is it for this manga. It was nice reading it. Maybe I will start following some other manga now. Till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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4 thoughts on “Gamaran, chapters 193 and 194. The end.

  1. The ending was ordinary, but antimainstream. Iori was defeated by Jinsuke and Gama didn’t even have a chance to fight him. I’d at least expect Iori to win against Jinsuke, since Gama wasn’t even close to Jinsuke’s level.

      • Iori is my favorite character in the series, and I really wished he could manage to beat Jinsuke. The ending itself wasn’t bad. I’d like to see a more emotional ending, but considering how the author had been going with the story, I think that might be a little too much. :P

        • Well, even as it is Iori had more moments of awesomeness than anyone else. He was beating people with his bare hands, stormed Jinsuke’s castle all by himself and so on.

          Yeah, the only one with “deep” emotions was Naoyoshi and I don’t think he and his manly tears won him too many fans : D

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