Naruto Chapter 638.

Oh, this whole week A am being late with my first reactions and reviews and what not. My backlog is quite big at this point, and I don’t know what to do about it.

Well, whatever, let’s talk about Naruto. I mean, Obito. The new chapter tried very hard to make us believe that now he is a real deal, a true enemy, powerful enough to make this war exciting again. It succeeded, I think, at least in my case. Obito now has the basic characteristic of a good villain.

Naruto Chapter 638 Obito destroys Hashirama and Tobirama

Namely, the insane strength

Now the problem is that Obito doesn’t seem to have any clear goal. From the start he was saying that his goal was to create the infinite Tsukuyomi. I don’t know if he can or can’t do it right now, but Kishimoto will have to give us the answer to that question sooner or later. And as far as we know Obito should be able to perform the jutsu any time now, so it would take some trickery on Kishimoto’s part to make the story not to go this way.

Naruto Chapter 638 Obito

On the other hand, Obito doesn’t seem to remember his own name…

So what this is all about? Did he became retarded? Hope not. Did he became possessed by the Juubi? Would be interesting, maybe. Or is there some other reason?

Naruto Chapter 638 Obito

By the way, am I the only one who find this similar to Ichigo’s Mugetsu form?

So Obito is back in the picture and we all want to know what he will do. But what about Madara? Well, he is trying to act cool too.

Naruto Chapter 638 Madara

After he failed to resurrect himself I am not sure about his “trump card”…

Well, nice comeback from Kishimoto, just when we were about to believe that the war is over he made this twist. This doesn’t change the fact that the manga is driving itself into a corner. You can’t go on fighting Madara and Obito forever.

See you next time (^_^)/

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