Danganronpa: The Animation, episode 2. Spoiler alert.

Also known as Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei – The Animation, episode 2

This show is anything but slow when it comes to killing off characters. I know, shows like Attack on Titan do that even more readily, but there we have supporting cast slaughtered. In Danganronpa we only have 15 people, so each death looks more significant.

By the way, just in case, below this line there will be massive spoilers for the whole episode.

So they killed two characters already. Both I thought would live till the very end. Both of those two are female students, both are supposed to be the most attractive of the most, so I thought they would keep them as long as possible for fanservice and what not. Point is, I thought that killing off guys would achieve the same effect but wouldn’t hurt the show as much. Well, being unpredictable is a good thing for a show.

Danganronpa The Animation, episode 2

By the way, did anyone think that she had some sort of a plan in her head at this moment?

Ok, now we are left with a question, who is the culprit. From what we saw, I can say for sure that it is not the white-haired girl (Kyouko Kirigiri), cause she seems to be actively investigating stuff, even on her own. The culprit wouldn’t need to do so. Also we know that it is not Naegi, the protagonist. So, who is left? Everyone else, it seems. I would have voted for Celestia, the girl with black drill-shaped hair, just because her ideology of adapting to the rules suits the image of the murderer very well.

Danganronpa The Animation, episode 2 Junko Enoshima

I wonder why they decided to draw blood in pink color? Is there some trickery behind it, or is it just an artistic decision?

The only bad thing about this episode was that they put up this rule that everyone dies in case they fail to find the culprit. That leaves no doubt that they actually will find the correct person. On the other hand, it maybe better than being unsure of everything till the last episode, I don’t know. Hope you liked this episode. See you next time (^_^)/

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10 thoughts on “Danganronpa: The Animation, episode 2. Spoiler alert.

  1. First, in previous episode review you said that characters seem shallow. I say that’s because this anime is based on the visual novel for PSP (under the same title) and compared to it, they are quite rushing/skipping things along with character development and considering there are will be 6 trails it will be quite packed for 13 episodes (I hope they will split it to at least 2 season if that’s the case).
    For example the gold sword in Naegi’s room: in anime it was there from the start. In game Naegi brought it there himself after Maizono asked him to come with her to find some weapon “to protect herself”. She didn’t took it, because it was leaving gold glitter at touch.
    You also said something about harem. You will get creepy reverse-harem if they will show so called, “the bad ending”, but that’s later down the road.

    Yeah, those 16 students will be dieing like flies.

    Blood is pink because it was that way in the game. There was red blood at 2 points in the game, tho it wasn’t fresh one.

    As for the fanservice if there will be any, it will be after 2nd Class Trail and before 3rd murder (it was there in the game). SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE!!

    TL;DR In stead of watching okish anime play the Super High School Level Game ;P

    • I am glad that I got the opinion of someone who played the game :D

      Sure, I understand that lots and lots of original material has been lost and even more will be. It always is this way with game-based anime. But well, I am not into games, so to make me enjoy the show they will have to do their best in those 13 episodes, cause that is the only connection with the story that I am going to have =)

      About the characters, if they going to kill them so fast, then the ones left will definitely get some decent amount of screen time, so I am not really worried. Still, non of them seems interesting enough to be put on my list of favorites, which is a little sad. I like when an anime gives me at least one person whom I can worry about or something.

      Oh, so that is real blood. I thought for a moment that it is paint and all of those girls will end up being alive. Too bad for them, I guess.

      I just hope they won’t try to combine all the endings or something stupid like that : D Let it be creepy or whatever, I can take it =)

      • There is only 1 ending. “The bad ending” (as it’s refereed to in community) is a vision Naegi has of what would happen if he choses 1 of the options during 2nd to last trail (“Point out lie”, “Accept a lie”, “Run away”) but even if you chose it, after vision ends it returns you back too chose screen and forces you to chose option that continues the story. (There is no branching story). 1 of those options does nothing. Guess which option does what ;p

        • So if I choose “Run away” option three times in a row, will I get the additional “Go kill yourself” option? =) Reading all this about options and visions made me kind of exited to see the rest of the show.

          About the original game, is it a detective game? It doesn’t seem like it is an action game, it looks more like a visual novel.

          • If I would have to compare it to anything I would compare it to “Phoenix Wright” games with limited time to react during trails. And more death. And yes, it’s a visual novel.

          • Also for the heck of it I check how many pieces of the evidence they skipped. There were 18 pieces in the game during investigation part + few during the trail itself. In anime, during investigation, around 8. Yeah… I bet (hope) they will reveal all the evidence during the trail episode.

            That proves more how they are rushing stuff.

            • Wow =) You know, they showed those evidences so fast I had no time to think over them. And I doubt I can name more than 5 pieces of evidence that they showed, so yeah, I strongly agree, this part was rushed. Though, maybe, I am supposed to pause the video every now and then, to think and memorize what I see xD

              • List of all evidence in game (before trial starts) those with ‘+’ were in anime
                Monokuma File 1 +
                Signs of Struggle (cut up room) +
                Practice Sword (Blade) +
                Practice Sword (Scabbard)
                The Room Exchange +
                Tool Set
                Naegi’s Spotless Room
                Maizono’s Wrist +
                Dying Message +
                Misaligned Shower Door +
                Shower Doorknob
                Bedroom Nameplates +
                Kitchen Knives
                Asachinas Testimony (regarding who went to kitchen)
                The Janitor
                Burnt Dress Shirt +
                Broken Glass Ball +

              • Thank you! I just no idea where that can lead : D I can only guess that some of the evidence have nothing to do with the case and only there to make things complicated =)

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