Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), episode 14.

You know, when you do something, you do it either for pleasure or for the result. It might not always be true, but it is working in most cases. When I am writing this entry, I do it for pleasure. That is why I can name the entry “Shingeki no Kyojin blah blah” and start it with talking about something else. But when you had become good at what you are doing, at some point you should consider making something for the result. Something you can say about “this is the piece of work I am proud about”. And when you do that, you better make sure that you know the stuff you are doing.

Now why did I say all that? I did because when a fighting anime decides to give me an episode of court procedure I think “here it comes, all is going to fell into pieces right here”. What I mean is, switching genres usually is not a good idea. Writer learns how to do one thing and he does it well, but that doesn’t mean he can do everything. Take Agatha Christie as an example, while been really good at writing character driven detective stories, she was not half so good when she tried action packed style.

Now, I had not read original Isayama’s work, so I can’t speak about it, but in the anime version I would say that they didn’t fail. That is it. I can’t say that a show of Attack on Titan class show be satisfied with not failing.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 14

The head of all the military forces and the judge

Now what was wrong with it? First, the idea. Remember that we are talking about the very civilized society and Eren’s case was considered by people from the top of that society. Now what does that mean? It means that we are dealing with very smart people who knows how to manage others. And now, imagine that you are one of them, and that you got a new very powerful, but dangerous weapon. Sure you try to decide what to do with it, but while you are deciding you will definitely take a good care of it. You won’t risk the chance to destroy it before you got your decision.

So why would they put Eren into a cage, humiliate him with that court procedure and let some idiot beat him up? There is no reason for that. They did not really need Eren for this whole process.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 14

And stupid people, like those two, can entertain themselfs in a circus or somewhere else, no need to put up the show for their sake

Now that is the first problem. The second problem is why would they need to beat Eren? To prove that Levi can beat a teenager who can’t fight back? Or to shock people in the court in hope to affect their decision? Either way it is really stupid.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 14

Not to mention that it might have caused a catastrophe if Eren did turn into a titan

Well, whatever, it might have been much worse. At least they tried to make it all believable. Next episode is going to be about new characters that we are to be acquainted with. Hope that after that we will be back into the fighting, cause that is that this anime knows how to do best. See you next time (^_^)/

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21 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), episode 14.

  1. I just really hope the beating stops there. Because, have you noticed it? Since his imprisonment, Eren has really calmed down and humbled himself – to an extent. So maybe you could say all of this worked in effect to teach him to keep his emotions at bay.

    At the part where he yelled at them when they were accusing Mikasa, I thought at that moment he’d turn into a titan and if he had, they would have executed him right there…
    And probably it is that Levi weighed the possibilities of Eren turning into a titan before he attacked him…but I really hope he doesn’t do it again.

    • Yes, he did calmed down. But if I were to give the reason for that, I would say that it is mostly because he now more sure of his strength and at the same time he don’t have any idea what to do. So he is just staying calm and waiting. In the end, it is Eren himself, who brought up those personality changes. Others only try him. But that is how I see it, I am not saying that I’m right =)

      You see, I am not criticizing Levi in particular, I am criticizing the writing for this episode. I know, deep inside Levi is a good guy, we saw how much he values lives of his comrades and hopefully now he is going to see Eren as one of them.

  2. About the part where Eren was imprisoned and humiliated, I can see it happening in real life too.If a person like Eren existed in real life, he would be imprisoned because people would feel ‘safe’ when they know that a person with such powers is under lock and key. It wouldn’t matter for them if the cell could restrain Eren or not. People don’t like to accept others who are different and powerful than they are.It is more like they WANT to believe that Eren is a bad guy and is better off dead so that they never have to be worried about him being a threat. Also I don’t think their idea of dissecting Eren is all that stupid. They can cut off a limb of his and experiment on it. I know that it sounds cruel but it will grow back soon anyway.If they can find what it is that gives Eren such powers, they can make more humans that can turn into titans. It isn’t such a bad battle strategy but I doubt that all the idiots saying that they are gonna execute Eren have thought that far.They don’t have to kill him for that though.

    LOL. You called Levi an idiot and I agree with you there. There is no need to beat him up. I think Levi did it to show everyone that he can handle Eren. There should be other methods to do that though.

    • I know, in real life people are weak and full of fears too. But not the leaders. They are the one who decide and they should not let fears drive them. There are so many examples when really dangerous people were kept free because it was smarter this way. Like there were revolutionaries who were a threat to the authority, but if there were put in prison, they would become heroes and that would start a riot; so they were never arrested.

      They don’t really need to cut off anything, they can ran testes on Eren as it is. What do they need to do, take blood? I donno, I can’t imagine how science work in this crazy world without conservation laws xD

      Well, that is how the judge should have seen Levi =) I don’t think Levi was stupid, but I think the idea of influencing the court in such a way is dumb, and the fact that it worked gives me bad impression of the judge. I just don’t like writing for this episode.

      • Not all the leaders can think rationally. There are many leaders who let fear rule them which eventually lead to their downfall. Also there were common people in the court. You can’t call them rational not when they were willing to seal the walls and be locked up for ever.

        You need a sample to experiment on O_O and having a bulk of that sample would be better.

        By the way, watching Eren acting scared around Levi was funny. Their relationship is going to be strained for at least one more episode.

  3. Wall of text incoming!

    Decent episode. I quite like the way the anime is shot like a normal show i.e. its shots of statues etc.

    My crappy impressions of the episode:

    Cage- keep him secure whether or not it will actually contain him, as Gaara said. Some people (primarily upper, Sina-wall class) fear him. So naturally they locked him up since they don’t know or understand him. Why treat him like crap? Well, they shouldn’t but there are still many cases of dangerous/influential individuals being treated like crap.

    Eren at the trial- Probably so that the public can’t claim that he wasn’t given a proper, fair trial with him there to witness his sentence. I don’t doubt the government could just sentence Eren but even if they were a totalitarian government, the public backlash is still important.

    Eren’s beating- Yeah, pretty stupid. Why would they let him beat him up and why would they be influenced by Levi’s grand-standing? Well, best reason i can think of is that they let him do that was cos Eren was beginning to steam up (notice his hands when straining against the pole). So if a recon legion member, trained the kill titans jumps in, you’ll trust he would know what he’s doing. So he beat him up to show two things. That he is willing and determined to kill Eren if he goes berserk and to show that Eren has some self restraint. As to why everybody was in that courtroom without better security (i spotted one pea shooter heh) is pretty stupid.

    Merchant- The merchant’s suggestion to seal up the gates makes sense from his short-term (his life) perspective. Sealing the gates would protect his investments. If the titans (or eotens!) invaded, he would suffer a heavy, permanent loss. Unless, that is, the colossal titan is stronger than it appears or another titan comes that can knock down the walls themselves.

    Wallist/Religion- lol, would need more information to make a judgement on them.

    Military police/Brigade/Gendarmerie- Their suggestion was the best out of the “Kill-that-titan-spy” faction. Their primary objective is to keep the peace. They are stationed in the Interior/Central/Wall Sina district, so the public opinion there is influential. From their perspective, they needed to maintain public order by removing Eren, the source of the unrest. It was also mentioned they are corrupt, although the commander seems like an honest guy, since he spoke to Eren directly when he said (more or less) “we ask Eren to sacrifice himself for the good of mankind, leaving behind as much information as he can”. Still, the Wall-Rose public backlash should have made them hesistant to kill him off. A better suggestion would have been…

    Scouting/Survey corps/Recon Legion- Yeah, obviously the best decision out of the lot. Some things to consider. As Dot Pixis suggested (and Eren repeated to his friends), he may not be the only enemy. So just like with the loyal and brave captain Weirman (don’t you dare diss him), they needed to make a decision. Safe bet is to kill him. The more opportunistic/better reward option would be to let him go. But what if he’s a spy? He could go into titan form, break free and regroup with his ally titan transformers. Such an enemy is dangerous. Who knows what information he’s gathered that he’s waiting to reveal. He’s used 3DMG, he knows their weapons, their tactics etc. Without knowing his true intention, the Gendarmerie’s tried to make the best of the safe option and offered Eren a chance to prove his loyalty to mankind.

    Anyway, i like Shingeki’s focus on the common soldiers/mooks, its basically the main attraction for me. I also like how Eren, the one-drive mind stereotypical protagonist is being treated. His one-drive-mind determination led him to not noticing the titans and getting all his teammates killed. His op power turns out to just be like an edge to a sword. It can deliver the lethal blow but it needs the iron strength of humanity behind it to do anything.

    Did not expect to write so much. Oh well.

    • Awesome, you made a better post than I did =)

      I agree with what you said, more or less with all of it. You made a good argument from the inside-the-story point of view. And I can hardly argue here. But you see, when I am criticizing this anime I more or less am criticizing the writing choices.

      For example, I agree that some, probably not too smart, people demanded that Eren should be kept in a cell. I can see that happening, but that shows that fools are dominating in this society, which is sad. That is just my preference, but I like anime about smart people better.

      I like how you gave justice to the police force. They truly aren’t that evil and I can see their point of view. Though sure, Recon Corps were the only people who made a really thought-through suggestion.

      Wallist believers, I feel they are going to make a lot of fuss in the future. Though I would rather watch Eren killing titans then them filling up people’s heads with stuff.

      It is kind of hard for me to seriously consider the idea of Eren being a spy. Titans aren’t even able to speak, and they showed close to no signs of intelligence. And yet they have spies? =) Well, I know they had to consider every possibility, but still.

      I agree, secondary characters play a huge role in this show. Even nameless soldiers add a lot to the feel of the whole thing. And this show mocks Eren so often, I am glad he still able to take it. He is like a shonen Naruto-like show hero thrown into harsh reality, that alone is interesting.

      Thank you for the comment =)

      • Oh, fast reply. Sorry for my late one, i didn’t expect that.

        Yeah, you should probably know beforehand I am completely biased for mooks/soldiers. I watched too many shows/movies rooting desperately for them only to watch as they were inevitable beaten that now protectively crouch over Shingeki’s soldiers haha.

        This anime is definitely not about intelligence of people, more about natural/realistic human reactions to events. Not a sophisticated anime in that regard but neither does it pretend to be. Still, I agree, would have been nice to have some philosophical discussions thrown in. They were only mentioned such as in. episode 12, where Ian said: ‘How can I defeat the giants without losing my humanity in the process’. I guess the writer/mangaka knows of these topics but just doesn’t want/can’t write about them effectively.

        As for fools in society, I must agree and disagree. Agree in that they are fools… but only fools for not overcoming their basic instincts and not using our brains, which set us apart from animals. But is that any different from today? Do people want to suffer so later on the future generation is better off? The majority may talk about it but in general, unless it benefits them somehow, they go for the instant/short-term reward.That’s just human nature. The merchant basically represents that. As an example (that’s totally not based off some sci-fi book i read about America), imagine a health system. It a wonderful thing for the people yet it cripples the economy. Would the people choose to lose the health system so that the system can recover/survive or do they choose to keep their benefits? However, that’s just my grouchy view on society, feel free to disagree!

        Could you expand upon your criticisms about the writing choices? I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean that everything could have been conveyed in a more organic way or what? For me, its nothing too bad, at best its good. However, as I wrote about earlier, its internally consistent so I can’t criticize the writing much.

        I have several theories on the Wallists but those are from an outside, genre savvy perspective. Any theories i could make up would be so loosely based it would be the same as claiming I am a bunny rabbit because i have two ears and can jump. [edit: well, except for one theory which i think everybody suspects]

        As for the spy thing. oh boy, its late where i live right now so i may write it properly tomorrow (probably not lol, i’m already starting dammit)

        [unedited, rambling format, apologies in advance]

        The colossal giant targeted the portcullis, the weak(est) point in the wall. Then the armoured giant entered and broke the second gate. joint attack; coordinated? Then for the second wall, the colossal giant learnt to destroy the cannons which probably caused them lots of trouble first time. Next, how did the colossal giant get to the second gate? Remember the flash of lightning when it appeared both times? Remember what happened when Eren transformed? Yeah. So these recent attacks have opened their minds to the possibility of smart titans.

        So basically, anybody could be a spy. There is no way to tell (atm, the military police wanted to find out through dissection) and that’s why its dangerous to let him go outside the walls. This is basically why I supported Captain Weirman’s (yeah, I’m hipster like that) decision (although the reasons are a little different but that would require me writing another paragraph).

        Anyway, in that sense I guess you could say Erwin may be an intelligent character. he keeps his cards in his hands and doesn’t show anybody until the time is right. He wants Eren, a titan transformer outside the wall and gives very good logical reasons. Yet its still risky business. They don’t know if they can trust Eren yet. Maybe they should experiment on Eren first and watch him to see any suspicious behaviour. Sure, from our perspective its obvious he’s no threat but not for them. Ask any member of the 104th squad and they will tell you he likes to yell about killing giants all the time. Yeah right mate, suspicious…

        Oh and the military police are right, Mikasa’s judgement is clouded. Eren-titan didn’t even notice Mikasa in ep 7 & 8, he nearly stomped on her if you notice. He has shown no signs of caring about humans in titan form so far. That’s another point in Mikasa’s misguided opinions of Eren.

        Back to Erwin. So there must be another key factor that has pushed him to this decision, which is oh-so-subtly foreshadowed by Mike lol. I guess we’ll find out why Mike thinks that, since I can find no reason atm. If that isn’t addressed through an event and/or character development, it would be a not-so-subtle writing choice, since it doesn’t make sense for him to say that otherwise. Since we don’t know/understand Erwin character and since by nature its not explicit (he’s got a permanent poker face), we’ll probably only find out when it happens. Maybe get some explicit exposition to help us. Anyway, so then in episode 15 he asks Eren, a titan transformer, oh-so-subtly (again lol) who he thinks did it. Oh wow, i think I solved who did it.

        I’m sure i missed some important points but i’m too tired to remember right now. I’ll check back tomorrow.

        • Ohhh, isn’t it painful for you to watch the show then? I mean, those soldiers die like nothing every time a big fight takes place.

          Well, let me start with the writing choices I was talking about. Attack on Titan is a very good show. But what makes it a good show? In my opinion that is the fighting. The emotions of people mixed with the brutality, the sense of insecurity of each character, and the speed of the whole thing, that makes the impact. But the author wasn’t satisfied with just the fights. He wanted more. He wanted to create good characters and give them some development, he wanted to create a world and give it some detail. That is all good, but that is not easy.

          Now, what do I mean by writing choices. I’ll give an example. Remember, when Eren went berserk and attacked Mikasa, some of the elite soldiers, who were supposed to guard him, decided to go back? The fact that Eren went berserk is necessary for the plot development. The fact that those soldiers decided to abandon him is not. It was added to make it feel more real, to give it an edge. But for me it showed that in this world even the best of the best don’t know how to follow orders, which is kinda absurd. That is what I criticize as bad writing choice. The author should have either made it that those were normal soldiers, or they should have displayed the discipline fit for the elite.

          Same with the court. The author could have made it so the higher ups made the smart decision of keeping Eren alive. That would have added some realism, because who is supposed to be smart, the leader or a soldier? Well, instead it was made so the soldiers/officers of the Recon Corps were the smart ones. I just don’t like that decision. Though, as you can see, all that are my personal preferences and I do not insist that this criticism is objective.

          By the way, I say author instead of ***** because I didn’t read the manga, and for all I know it might all be different in the original story.

          I understand what you mean about modern people being as short sighted as the ones in this story. But modern people have government that deprive them their ability to do stupid things. At least to some degree. Even in democracy most of the big decisions are made by the government without consulting people, which is a smart thing to do. Imagine US would ask people’s opinion each time it needed to print more money or do some other trickery, all the consequences of which is hard to comprehend, even if you have an MBA. That would be a waste of time, people can’t make the right decision if they don’t understand what you want to do. And in AOT we are talking about a totalitarian regiment. What is the point of even asking people what they think about Eren’s future. You, as a leader, need to decide it first, and then convince people that you was right.

          So you think Wallists are not just crazy fanatics (or some guys craving for power and scheming their way to the top)? I would like to hear you theories on them =)

          I really like how you can see the thing from the perspective of characters. You are right, they don’t know if Eren is a friend or foe, and, yeah, they do have the reasons to suspect that some titans can do some thinking. I personally wouldn’t draw a conclusion that might be a spy from that, but that is just me. I would have been convinced by his action s that he is a friend, because he hindered the progress of titans so much. But it never hurts to be suspicious, as long as you stay rational. Erwin is the right person for that sort of thing.

          Oh yes, Mikasa is so biased. You know, even if Eren turned out to be a ‘titan spy’ she might still be protecting him.

          You suspect that Erwin has his own motives, besides the good of humanity? =) Will be interesting if he does.

          Really, you think you know who killed the titans? : D Don’t tell me it were Erwin’s people, who did it to give yet another reason for the outside operation (namely to capture other test subjects).

          And since I plunged into guessing, here is a wild one. It might be that some of the guys who seriously hate Eren did it, in order to insist that now they need some other test subjects and here is Eren.

        • I’ve got some serious problems with Internet connection right now, so it is possible that I won’t be able to be here for a while. I’m sorry in advance. Hope I will sort it out soon.

          • Internet connection issues are always a pain, good luck sorting it out.

            No, I don’t mind soldiers being eaten for a show like Shingeki.

            Yeah, I agree that the best parts of the show is during its action. It seems almost like they have a couple of episodes setting up the scene/characters for the action sequence,s which advance the plot and world building etc.

            I also agree with you on the elite soldiers. Having Eren knock himself out was to avoid going into cliche overpowered protagonist territory and I also understand the author was trying to create/make a representation of humanities attitude towards Eren. However, the inorganic way it was conveyed just broke the realism, which is what the show tries strongly to have. Overall, I was disappointed with that episode, since it didn’t take the opportunity to show what a battle versus giants looks like from a normal soldiers perspective and their reactions in the face of death. Only moment that got my attention was Jean’s scene, since it combined a bit of action with world building (the complex 3DMG can fail, which was something i was waiting to be addressed). Still, couldn’t make up for what was a substantially mediocre and poorly written/executed episode. At least the author has made Levi a loyal and obedient soldier, when you would expect him to be a rebel.

            Personally I think the court scene should have been a secret governmental/military+garrison officers/some other random sect meeting. That would have been a good way to convey their true feelings and irrationality as they all spurred each others fears.

            “Who is supposed to be smart, the leader or a soldier?” The only leaders present, except the merchant and Wallist, were military officers. Even the judges were from the military (i.e. the supreme commander). Do you mean in terms of the military officers in the political centre/Interior (Gendarmerie+merchant+ Wallist) versus the in-field officers (Recon Corps)? For that, I already gave my thoughts on that in my previous post but to re-iterate, they both made decisions based on their (limited for the interior) perspective and role in society. Yes, the Recon Corps are smart ones. But remember, those in the interior have a limited and closed perspective whilst the Recon Corps has experience in the outside world and knows the harsh reality. Both reacted as suited their military roles.

            edit: just something I noted but the people in wall Sina treat the Wall-Rosians almost as foreigners. The Wall-Sinians are high class, so that would have compounded their intense dislike of letting in the outer wall citizens (social stratification). So the Gendarmerie were under extreme pressure to act (and thus made the decision to remove the source of unrest).

            ‘The author could have made it so the higher ups made the smart decision of keeping Eren alive.’ But they did. Anyway, I think I understand what you mean in general terms. I also would have liked some intelligent and interesting politics/social/moral issues that explores the society within Shingeki. But I realise that probably would have detracted from the main focus of the anime, the soldier perspective. I guess you can’t have it all :-\.

            And as you saw, the supreme commander and the other judges did make the “smart” decision. Nevertheless, the government would have benefited short-term by sending Eren out there to retake the wall, so i agree with you that there should have been smarter leaders as it damages the realism.
            I’ll use the term author as well then, I don’t read the manga either. (p.s. why’d you asterisks that word [manga?])

            Didn’t look like the judges listened to those plebeians to me. Seemed like a Gendarmerie vs Recon corps argument to me, with the common people present just so the government could claim that the common people were present and had a say.

            Your right about modern people and the government (in my opinion). i was told that in Singapore, they did that with the public transport system. Everybody hated it but the government did it regardless. Now everybody uses it and probably can’t live without it. For the US, I believe the government wouldn’t want to do anything that might upset the public because then they won’t get voted next time. I agree with you that the government can’t ask the people for every decision but printing money is much less serious that the threat of extermination. Now, your argument is valid. They are a totalitarian regiment but remember that they live in a very small society in a small area. The government has to take public backlash seriously (even if they don’t care about public opinion) since if the people rebel, there will be severe repercussions. They already have a food shortage, or at least are close to having another food shortage.

            Note: I overuse the word ‘now’, ‘however’ and ‘but’ because i’m too lazy to polish it up.

            An amalgamation of theories on Walls and Titans by Doctor Railing Pleb, PhD in conspiracies, 24/07/2013.

            My theories… well, again, this is from a genre-savvy perspective, the ‘evidence’ I have is very open to interpretation, on the level of my bunny rabbit ears comment. Okay *puts on conspiracy hat*. Firstly, I think that most of the organisation probably do believe the wall is holy (who wouldn’t :p). Now no, I don’t think they crave power. When I heard the Wallist speaking, I realised that he was more concerned overall with protecting the walls, not humanity. So protecting the walls is logical as it is the only thing keeping them from extinction. However, the overreaction to anybody touching the walls since its ‘holy’ naturally raises alarm bells. In a world like Shingeki I can see why it can be an acceptable reaction. Trying to prevent the installation of cannons I can also accept, as the Wallist consider the wall a gift from god and don’t want to meddle with something that works in case they do something wrong.

            But then I thought, hey, Railing Pleb, how did they build such a wall? Or who? How could they have built the wall when giants were roaming about and eating people? With the new info from episode 15, we know they have lungs but don’t need to use them. They are also very light. So maybe they can float on water. Basically that means that even if humanity is actually living on a big island, the giants would have floated over and attacked them before they could properly build the wall. So a long time ago I had investigated multiple subs to compare and to gather any evidence on walls and giants. From that introduction sequence they used for the first few episodes, I realised that the giants attacked a little over a hundred years ago and that the walls were built also a hundred years ago. Wait what? How could they build a wall that massive so quickly? As a side note, Mikasa has only been with the Jaegar family for one year. Parents killed 844, giant attack 845, which is why they don’t understand each other.

            Well, i didn’t get anywhere on that line of thinking. Not enough information had been given. So instead I thought of titan transformers. So in episode 14 we learnt that the Wallists want Eren killed, no questioning at all. Pretty average, stereotypical stuff on its own. Now, we know that Eren’s dad gave Eren a serum that gives him titan transforming (TT) powers to do all that he wants. As Eren said himself, if Grisha (Eren’s dad) had the serum, such a powerful tool, why didn’t he give it to the military? But I thought to myself, why didn’t he give Eren to the military as well? Eren is such a powerful weapon, so useful for mankind, yet he doesn’t hand him over? So what do we know of Grisha? We know he lives in a bait town on the outermost wall, so he’s probably not that rich. But wait…didn’t he say he was going to the interior to treat some patients? And don’t we know he cured the town he lives in of an epidemic once? So why is someone so important like him not be in the interior? I thought the rich folk would want a guy like him there. Well, maybe that’s ‘cos of the experiments he’s conducting. Too dangerous to do it in the interior. But does he work for the government or something/someone else? Basically, is he in the outer district to hide from the government, because it is a safer place to conduct such experiments for the government or because for some other reason its a good location? I don’t know. Its quite possible that it’s a secret sector of the government is working on the serum and only they and the top brass know of it. If that’s the case, then Grisha has gone rogue because…

            Why would Grisha give someone such a powerful ability and just bolt? If he worked for the government he should have handed him over. Wouldn’t you want to make sure the process worked out fine? monitor him etc? From that we can conclude that the serum has been extensively tested before and he knows it will work. hmmm… so does that mean there are other TT’s? Does that mean that TT’s helped build the wall when the giants first attacked? Where giants or TT’s a human creation? Or both? Where TT made first or dumb giants? I have no clue. ep 11 disgarded the obvious theory that giants were made to unite humanity. Also in that episode, Eren says that Pixis hinted that giants are not humans only enemy.

            Now Erwin, no i believe he fights for humanity but unlike Ian, he has no qualms about sacrificing his humanity to do. That’s why he’s so successful. So back to Grisha and Eren.

            We also know that Grisha didn’t argue with Eren’s decision to join the Recon Corps. And when Eren straight up murdered those two people, Grisha never reprimanded Eren for killing those kidnappers. He was angry at Eren for risking himself. Rather suspicious in hindsight, maybe he didn’t want his experiment damaged. So now onto Eren. Remember the very beginning of the series, episode 1? he woke up from dream but he couldn’t remember it. Then he began to randomly cry. Remember episode 2, another dream he couldn’t remember. Remember episode 9, when he somehow knew to bite his hand to induce his TT mode. Episode 15 he said it explicitly, ‘how do I know this?’ Okay Railing Pleb, stop acting like a smartass, asking mysterious questions and get to the point. Well, that may mean his father was experimenting on him. The forgetfulness is explicitly stated as an effect of the serum. Crying is probably another side effect. Additionally, he seems to have memories implanted in him. He said in episode 10 that he didn’t know how he knew how to go into TT mode, it was just like moving an arm for him. And in episode 12, only Armin talking about going outside the wall woke him from his trance (also, notice his symbolic burning off the safe, caged world he is in also includes Mikasa haha). So what’s my conclusion from all this random crap? Well know, doesn’t Eren’s one drive mind to kill giants and explore outside seem suspicious to you now? I think Grisha implanted the urge for Eren to go outside the walls and explore or find something for some reason. And a TT like Eren is the perfect tool for exploring into giant territory. So Eren stereotypical attitude may have darker undertones.

            As for the murder mystery, I don’t have enough knowledge to come up with evidence for the theories I can suggest. Still, based on the theories I spouted, we have several factions to choose from. Gendarmerie, Recon Corps, common people+garrison and now titan transformers, who may be part of any of them. Naturally, I believe it is the titan transformers. I really like your theories, especially since it competes with mine. My opinion is that it is Grisha and/or titan transformers who did it to stop the experiments onto the true nature of titans to be conducted for some unknown reason (which they don’t want you to find out lol). But as you said, that would make the Recon corps turn to either going outside or using Eren. Well, I don’t think Erwin wants to use Eren, so now he’s forced to go outside. Oh…well that actually works with your theory. it has a nice ring to it, Erwin and the titan transformers having a secret, hidden and furious battle with each other beneath all these seemingly standard/typical issues.

            Yes, I completed over analysed it. Its probably not that deep but I enjoy these mental exercises regardless.

            • “And as you saw, the supreme commander and the other judges did make the “smart” decision. Nevertheless, the government would have benefited short-term by sending Eren out there to retake the wall, so i agree with you that there should have been smarter leaders as it damages the realism.”

              – Ignore this part, that was a left over i forgot to delete. The paragraph above that is the polished and edited version of this.

            • I made a reply below as a new comment, look at the bottom of the page. WordPress comment system isn’t good for long comments, and when you keep the conversation the column is getting thinner and it becomes hard to read.

  4. *Reply to Railing Pleb*

    Yeah, fighting scenes look great because of the animation quality, and it feels different because of the unusual enemy. And the fact that the author don’t spare his characters adds to it too. If they did something about the color scheme it might have been even better.

    Yes, you hit the point there. The show tries to be realistic, and that is why, when even a small detail goes out of the picture, it feels bad.

    So far I think Levi has the best potential for character development. Unlike most of the others, he is far from being simple. He showed that he can be cruel, and yet he showed that he values people around him. Too bad we only start to see him now, when more than a half of the show is over.

    By “the leader” I meant the bearded man, the head of all the military forces. He is one of the people who rule this country.

    Well, I must confess, right now I am watching Fullmetal Alchemist, and I seem to be comparing it with AOT. And FMA seems so much more sophisticated and real. So, in short, I’m biased here : D

    Oh, those asterisks… I put them to indicated myself that I need to insert there the name of the mangaka, Hajime Isayama. But I didn’t have a good Internet connection when I was writing it and I was able to check his name, so I left asterisks there. And next day when I send you the reply I forgot to replace the asterisks with the name.

    Yeah, I agree, the riot could be devastating for the government. I think the main purpose of the police force is to prevent it from happening.
    Though, you know, looking at some particular country not so far away from Japan, I would say you can suppress public opinion pretty well without raising riots. Having external enemy helps keeping people under control.

    Don’t waste the effort polishing the text just for my sake. I am fine with the way it is now and I didn’t notice you overusing words (maybe because I tend to overuse words too, I donno : D )

    The idea that the wall was build by titan transformers is just awesome, And if other TTs are still there, that would make a really good plot twist. Though it will hardly be possible to squeeze such a big plot point into the remaining part of the show, considering the pace this anime has. But well, I heard they are aiming for the second season, so it might still happen.

    So to put it simple, the theory is that Eren is programmed to “kill titans” and “explore the outside world”. That will actually make a lot of sense. His determination to see the outside world seems out of place and out of character, so it will be easy for me to accept that it was artificially implanted into his mind.

    So you think those titan transformers are taking an active part in the show already? I wouldn’t go as far as that, but it would be awesome if turns out to be true.

    I like your deductions too =)

  5. I actually like the colour scheme, it has a darker and earthier feel for me. I still prefer an anime to be realistic and fail sometimes then unrealistic with realistic elements. I can watch stuff like hunter x hunter if I go in mentally prepared without having reality backlashes (and subsequent hours spent racking my brain trying to rationalise that world before giving up and sadly dropping it) but I just can’t invest/immerse myself. I know I’ve missed many a good show because of that but its just my mentality.

    Well, the manga is still on going, so Levi’s late entrance isn’t too bad.

    Good point. The fact that we have to debate about the government issue so much means that its more or less sound. Any more in depth analysis and we’ll be publishing papers on the entire sociology in the Shingeki universe and the essence of human nature in general. Basically the only people who could give us a guess at what it’s really like are those fictional leaders ( +researchers+ intellectuals+ people etc) in the show. Even in real life there are too many variables.

    Comparing what is considered one of the best anime of all time to SnK? Well okay. FMA is quite sophisticated, most notably I like how the plot develops and the characters interact, very smooth and mostly realistic (except for the ‘short guy’ gag, alchemy [lol] and some minor stuff)

    Yeah, I realised that about the asterisks shortly after I posted. Then when I posted again I forgot.

    Haha, when summarised they are quite simple theories. As for deductions, they are quite loosely based as of now. It could go in many different directions. I would like to look up other people’s theories but I don’t want to be spoiled. I forgot to mention Grisha said when he injected Eren, “Their memories will help you”. That’s one of the critical points that confirms that Eren can have memories implanted in him.

    I can’t say the TT’s are involved until later in the show, since the murder happened just last episode. I only thought up that theory literally as I was typing to you. oh, and I forgot but you probably made the conclusion that the Wallists may be working with the TT’s, that’s why they act the way they do. Or it could be basic as the Wallists killed the giants since it was sacrilegious activity.

    I do hope the anime is really as sophisticated as I’ve made it out to be. If so, they would be better plot twists than I’ve seen in so many other anime/shows (look how much time I wasted writing that essay, 2000 god-damn words). Most shows use foreshadowing that is pretty obvious or have deus ex machina. This is just my opinion though, not saying other shows have bad plot twists. e.g. I haven’t been wrong in who dies and lives in Game of Thrones (the books) as well as predicting roughly half of the plot twists just before they happened after the first initial surprises. It was more of a case of when and which theory since the GoT universe is so expansive and thus so many things can happen. Note that that’s just an example, I still consider those plot twists/developments well executed and very good. That’s not the best example either, since GoT has quick, realistic but shock factor twists while my theories for SnK are long-term over-arching plot developments. In SnK, there seems to be no foreshadowing unless you look at it from a different perspective, which in my opinion is the best kind of foreshadowing.

    I didn’t mention this since it wasn’t relevant but go to episode 3 of Shingeki and watch right after Eren hits his head in his failed attempt at 3DMG. His head is steaming like a giant does when it regenerates. The camera even focuses on the steam. (best episode to see giant regen up close is in the elevator scene, episode 8).

    In regards to perception, I believe that Eren has never been trying to save humanity, he just wants to kill giants and humans can help him with that. Yet there are a lot of people who think Eren is a (or your average) hero when really he’s a psychopathic killer (which the Gendarmerie noted and why I like them [no bias at all, really!]).

    Anyway, next episode seems like it will have some compulsory character development. Just their decision of military branch will tell us about their character.

    So yeah, that’s all the theories I have so far on SnK.

    • Sorry for the silence, I wasn’t able to be online the whole weekend. Even now I have only enough time to publish one pre-written post and go. I haven’t seen the new episode too, cause I can’t download it =( I’ll write you a proper reply the moment I deal with the connection problem. Sorry about that.

    • I can both agree and disagree here. When I judge a show I look at what show tried to achieve and ta how well it achieved it. For example, when I read Gamaran (a shonen manga about traditional Japanese martial arts) I know that they tried to make it as real as possible, that I can try the same moves they do, and they’ll work. But when they throw in something that is not quite real, it makes me sad. At the same time, when I watch Fist of the North Star (old anime about martial arts in post apocalyptic surroundings), I don’t expect anything real out of this show. Kenshiro caught in mid air a few hundred arrows fired at him at once? Fine, why not. That is a superhero show, so I don’t mind superpowers there.

      But I understand what you mean. I haven’t seen HxH, but I watched first 40 episodes of Fairy Tail and I had the same feeling you described : D

      Wait, what? O_O I thought the manga was finished. I hope they won’t repeat the story with Soul Eater, where they made an anime-only ending.

      SnK is a big shot too, so it is only fair to compare it with other famous anime =)
      By the way, do you consider alchemy in FMA unrealistic? I have seen only first half of the show, and so far they were following the rules they set for the world. Sure, they don’t have conservation laws in this universe, but would you call it unrealistic because of that, because it is different from the real world?

      When I started reading Game of Thrones the plot was already spoiled for me, so wasn’t able to enjoy predicting the plot lines.

      Yeah, SnK is way different from Game of Thrones. GoT gives you much more ground for speculations and analysis. I bet you can draw maps and estimate future battles based on the locations of cities, strongholds and armies. In Snk it is quite the opposite, I think those sudden and unpredictable events like the second attack, Eren’s ‘death’and titan transformation are one of the selling points for this anime. I have seen how interest to the show leaped after episode 5 and then once more after the Eren-titan appeared.

      I wonder if Eren had the ability of regeneration by the episode 3, why didn’t he “steamed up” when his leg was bitten off?

      Eren is a psycho killer? Awesome, I like how that sounds : D And it might very well be the case too.

      I just got the connection back, hope I will be able to watch the new episode now.

  6. I watched fairy tail as well (just got into the anime scene about a year or two ago, then dropped out then picked it up again with Shingeki), it was interesting initially but quickly dropped into heavy cliches.

    No, apparently the anime has followed the manga very closely and is actually better/improves it in many ways. So an anime-only ending with nakama-power won’t happen.

    FMA was the very first anime I watched properly so I don’t remember it that well but… As for alchemy, overall I didn’t have much of a problem with it since it was mostly internally consistent at a basic level. However, I wouldn’t call it alchemy so much as magic.

    Based only upon what we have seen them do with their alchemy, they were extremely inefficient. I’ll ignore the obvious changing air pressure, condensing water etc stuff. Okay, so if they make a fist out of rock and expend all that energy moving it, couldn’t they just make a shrapnel storm that rips everybody to shreds? They talk about breaking down molecules etc, changing its structure and giving it energy so that is easily possible. I do believe I remember them doing that but somehow the enemy dodges. Yet it requires much less energy than moving a rock and holding it together, so they should be able to create a storm that the enemy can’t dodge. Think of the military technology we use in real life. e.g. Using alchemy to release the energy of some molecules to create a flash that blinds your enemy.

    An off-topic example… the automail. If they have such good automail technology I would have thought it would have been more integrated into society, not just used to replace arms and legs. Another would be to use their powers not just for military. That fire guy could work in a power plant and provide energy for a town as an example.

    But as I said earlier, i have no problem with it. Just wouldn’t call it alchemy. I really like the show.

    GOT is about politics and overall strategy, SnK is in-battle/moment. Quite nice switching between the two :-).

    Oh yes, imagining what the slow, cumbersome army of Tywin Lannister would do was always fun. I also liked the riverland battles and the plan the young wolf had. It was the logical and expected move and I really liked that the author thought of it (the one involving the new fresh recruit army being raised, not the first few victories, in which not enough info was given/given just before or was only said after the battle).

    Hmm, good point with the leg. I dunno.

    Which sub do you use btw? The legal, crunchyroll?

    • Yeah, I liked the first two or three arcs of Fairy Tails, but then the fact that the show has no real plot development started to weigh me down.

      Good =) But I don’t think we will get any conclusive ending for this season anyway, they will make at least one sequel.

      Yeah, they can basically create energy with alchemy. But the show tried not to discuss this issue =) But you are right, alchemy might have found a lot of applications in their society. It was kind of like military high tech during the cold war, it existed, but people who were working in it, never intended to use it outside the military.

      I think there was a guy who replaced his arm with automail, just to get stronger, but that is not what you mean =) I agree with what you are saying, though I guess we can expect the show to be perfect in every way.
      I know, they used the word alchemy so they won’t have to invent a new term.

      I’m afraid I haven’t reached that point in the book. I finished ‘A Clash of Kings’ and then I stopped reading books in English, so I could focus on reading in French (trying to learn this language, doesn’t go that well, though).

      Well, I’m a bad person, so I still haven’t got a crunchyroll account. I don’t really know where the subs I am using are coming from, but chances are that the subs are ripped from crunchyroll or one of the other legal streamers.

      By the way, I would love to hear what you think about the preview for the 17th episode. Female intelligent titans and all that crazy stuff. Kinda looks like we will get a proof for your titan transformers theory. We can move that discussion here, so others can read you comments too =)

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