Naruto Chapter 639.

We need more of chapters like this one. It was better than most of what we saw in resent months. What makes a good shonen fighting manga? Suspense, unpredictable events, powerful opponents, new powers/techniques. All that was here. Well, to be honest, it would have even better if there was sense or risk that the characters are taking and if the emotional side of the fighting existed. But well, this is really old manga and at this point no one is afraid for Naruto’s life anymore, so whatever. The chapter is still good.

First, now we are starting to see why Kishimoto decided to bring in dead hokages. He couldn’t bring himself to kill any of his characters and it is almost impossible to show off an enemy, as powerful as this new form of Obito, without doing some serious damage to someone. It just wouldn’t be impressive enough. So what was the best decision? Right, bring back the dead and make them to take the blow.

naruto chapter 639 Sarutobi vs Obito

Sarutobi got it bad

Another thing about this chapter that kind of surprised me was that Sasuke decided to help Naruto. Why would he do that, I don’t know. Maybe he really did become good.

naruto chapter 639 Sasuke saves Naruto

And it seems that Sasuke is capable of stopping this thing that Obito uses to attack

I also was really glad that Obito had no problem getting both Naruto and Sasuke at the same time. That probably means that their combination ain’t going to be enough to stop him, which is a relief.

naruto chapter 639 Naruto-Sasuke-Obito hug

Minato is going to save them, don’t worry. Though whom am I kidding, no one is worried.

Also, this whole thing with Sasuke fighting on Naruto side makes me wonder what was the point for Obito in helping him? Why did Obito gave him Itachi’s eyes? To gain a new enemy? We really need an explanation here.

naruto chapter 639 Obito with excessive weight

Oh, and here as well. What was it?…

Well, that is about it for the chapter. As a bonus, here is a cool panel with Obito. I like his new style and how he seems to be floating in mid-air ^_^

naruto chapter 639 Obito

Hope the next chapter will be as good as this one. See you then (^_^)/

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